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Will you let your groom see the dress?

Will you let your groom see your dress before the wedding? I heard its 'bad luck' if the groom sees you IN the dress, but not if he sees the dress itself. Hes my best friend and its SO hard not to show him!!!!!!
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Re: Will you let your groom see the dress?

  • Unless you are superstitious or something, I don't see the big deal. I personally don't believe it is bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding. That being said, my H did not see my dress or me in it before the wedding. But we both wanted it that way, so it wasn't an issue for us. There are many brides who show their groom their dress or even take them shopping with them. It is whatever you want to do.
  • I showed him a photo of me in it to get his opinion. We're getting married on a beach in Maui and I wanted to make sure he didn't feel like I'd be too dressy compared to him (dress shirt & khakis) OR if it was too dressy if he'd be cool with switching to a suit.

    I bought the dress and he's keeping the casual-dress attire.

    We're also driving together from the hotel to the ceremony location, and doing first look photos at the hotel before we leave so there's no point in keeping it a secret anyway.

    Besides, him seeing the dress pre-wedding isn't the same as seeing me, all dolled up, in the dress on the wedding day. There's a big difference between a picture of the dress and the full ensemble.
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    I'm not, but that's what we both prefer so it hasn't been particularly difficult to keep it a secret. We're having a pretty formal wedding, so we didn't need to worry about matching each other (in terms of fanciness).
  • He didn't want to see. 
  • I don't think it's bad luck. I just like the idea of tradition. He won't see me in the dress or have any idea of how it will look until I walk down the aisle.
  • I couldn't imagine NOT showing him!
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    Mine told me to store the dress at a friend or relative's house so he wouldn't be tempted to peek. He wants it to be a surprise. 
  • He does not want to see it, he was also dead set against first look.
  • Well since our new kitten peed on my dress & he noticed it he saw it but he doesn't have good eyesight (so he says) so he didn't really 'notice' it, lol. I also tried it on a few weeks ago & I had him zip me up but again that was done with his arms going through a slightly closed door so who knows if he's a good look or not & I couldn't care less if he did since we're having our photos taken before the ceremony.
  • No, he's not seeing it, but just because we both want it to be a surprise. We don't really put much stock in the whole bad luck thing.
  • My FI saw me in my dress. I am having a hard time deciding between two dresses and I wanted his opinion. I bought one of the dresses, tried it on for him, and showed him a picture of the other dress. Neither of us are superstitious or traditional so it didn't really matter to us if he saw it or not.
    My mother on the other hand was not happy when I came downstairs with the dress on and he was standing next to her. But she got over it when she realized he liked the dress as much as she did.
    How do you feel about it? If you feel its hard to not show him, then show him. Or maybe find something in between like just show a picture of the dress. That way he knows what it looks like but what it looks like on you will be a surprise.
  • I want FI to be totally surprised. I have even gone so far as to tell him little lies when we ask about the dress. In fact, I think he is mostly convinced the dress has purple rhinestones on it somewhere. lol!
  • He can see it if he wants to, but he doesn't. So much so that if the dress comes in the mail while I'm OOT, he'll leave the box unopened and wait until the first look to see it. I don't care since it'll look different on me then on a hanger.
  • My FI doesn't want to see it. I have such a hard time keeping it a secret from him, because I share everything with him, but he will see it on the wedding day to please him!
  •  My FI saw my dress but not since it has been altered to fit me or with my veil and jewelry. So, yes, he has seen the dress but the the complete look.
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  • Nope, my dress lives at my parents house and FI will not see it until we do the first look but that's because we agreed on this before.  He has however helped with all of my other accessories.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Will you let your groom see the dress?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I don't think it's bad luck. I just like the idea of tradition. He won't see me in the dress or have any idea of how it will look until I walk down the aisle.
    Posted by mpatt2122[/QUOTE]

    This.  We both like the tradition so the only thing FI knows is that it's white.  It was hard not to talk to him about it when I first bought it because I was excited, but I've had it in the closet since December and I honestly just forget it's there now.
  • My husband and I had a small ceremony with just our parents, so he went gown shopping with me, and saw me in it. But the look on his face the day of was still so special because of it all being put together, the hair and make up and jewelery and everything. I thought of shopping alone, but then thought of him giving me a disgusting look because he hated the dress. Maybe if you don't want to show him THE dress, find similar dresses and make sure he likes the style.

  • He doesn't want to see it, and I want him to be completely surprised.
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  • My fiancé is also my best friend and not showing him the dress(es)-- I am wearing a sari for a short Hindu ceremony preceding the gown I'm wearing for the Christian ceremony-- has been agonizing. He knows my style and preferences, though, so he has pretty much guessed accurately certain features of the dress. I also wanted to show him pictures of me in the sari and the wedding dress to get his opinion but he has refused. It's not superstition, he just wants his breath taken away on the day of and for it to be his first time seeing me in the wedding looks. I think it's up to the couple but there is something to be said for the look on his face when he sees you walking toward him in THE dress for the first time.
  • I'm not superstitious but my fiance is and he doesn't want to see it.  He caught glimpses of a couple of photos of me in my dress and freaked out and got upset!  However, I think it will look different once I have it fitted and and jazzed up with accessories, embellishment, etc. and I don't think he looked that close because he said something that he saw me in a shiny dress without a train. My dress has chiffon overlay and a chapel train.  Ha!

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