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dying a DB crinoline?

Has anyone dyed a David's Bridal crinoline? I want to dye mine pink and fiance likes the idea because it's definitely  me - but he's afraid it's too risky...

any suggestions??

Re: dying a DB crinoline?

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    Practice on something else first? Like an old white tshirt? Not sure... i went the colored shoes route instead of the crinoline.
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    There's a knottie who dyed hers, but I can't remember who it was.  It was in her bio. 

    A quick google search had a ton of results though--
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    Dyeing a crinoline is a huge mess!!!  I have done this before for the stage (and for 1 of my alterations clients), and I hve found that a better solution is to spray it.  We use Design Masters Floral Spray.  It's available at Michaels crafts (or any craft store).

    The secret is to wrap the nylon smooth overlay in plastic (you don't want to spray this---it is the barrier between the color and the dress) and spray only the net part of the petticoat.  Spray it with the colored spray until it is the shade you want, and then seal it with Clear Acrylic Sealer (sold by the spray paint or the regular painting supplies.)

    You get better color and less mess with spraying.  Good luck!!!

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    I was inspired by knottie mRm to dye mine! I'm nervous that it will not come out the right color. I want it to be David's Bridal "pool" but it's hard to find a dye that color so I'm going to have to mix to get the right color. But here are mRm's insturctions that im going to use!
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    I did my crinny- PIB and instructions as well.  Truthfully, my BM and I had a lot of fun doing this, but I would recommend going the bucket route, rather than using the washer.  With the bucket, there's no chance of the crinny getting all tangled up quite like it does in the washer.  I had to re-dye a little on the top of mine bc of that, but overall it wasn't a big deal.  I recommend the experience, esp if you want to have a colorful crinny.

    And btw, the dye did not come off on my dress the day of, and if the material is thick enough, the color won't show through.  Message me if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them!
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    Dyeing a crinoline is easy if you pick the right dye for the job and follow the instructions for using the dye. I would recommend dyeing in a vat over dyeing in a washer for a more saturate dyebath. Be sure that you wash the crinoline first and that it goes into the dye bath wet. Pick a dye that is recommended for whatever fiber your crinoline is made of. Despite what PIP said, you shouldn't have to wear a spray-painted garment on your wedding day (or ever). Plenty of inexperience dyers have success dyeing crinolines, so you'll be fine!
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    There's an ETSY seller who makes them to the color of your choice- just in case it all goes wrong-[]=tags&includes[]=title

    I also reccomend Vat dying. Also check the material of your crinoline- manmade materials (ie not cotton, linen,wool, anything natural), can be REALLY hard to get to set in the right color. If it's made of Nylon, an Acid Dye might work really well.

    Just do your research and go for it!
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    Hobby Lobby just started carrying spray tie dye.
    My cousin works there and it is very easy to do and alot less of a mess.  There are a number of colors you can use and mix together to get the right color.

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    I'm fairly certain the spray tie dye from Hobby Lobby is meant for natural fibers.
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