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Adding coverage to a lace dress


  and currently sleeveless. I'm hoping to add cap sleeves or something like that to the dress, but because the lace is so unique I wouldn't want generic lace.  Does anyone know if DB will order extra fabric to do something like this, even if I don't get the dress altered there?  I'm not sure what length the dress will come in at, so I don't know if there will be extra fabric that can come off the bottom (probably not).  Because I tried on the dress when if first was released its on order...I was thinking if they are going ot order extra fabric they could have it shipped the same time. 
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Re: Adding coverage to a lace dress

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    I would call and ask, but since you won't be getting your alterations done by them (good decision!) then they may be a bit more reluctant.

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    I'm not sure about DB, but most places you can order extra lace. Beware, though, it can get pricey. I was thinking about doing it for a dress that I loooooved, but the lace for the dress was $800 a yard. The less expensive lace for it was $100 a yard. I ended up putting a different top on a dress because that was a significantly cheaper option. 

    If you're paying for it, I see no reason that they wouldn't, even if you're not getting it altered there, they're still getting your money. I might go on their website and see if they have any policies written out or it there's any way for you to buy the sleeves. 
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    David's Bridal told me that they cannot order extra fabric and the best they can do is if your dress needs serious hemming, they can use the extra fabric from that to make straps. I'd recommend looking somewhere else. I bought a Maggie Sottero lace dress and ordered extra lace for $80 a yard (only needed one yard) and I'm making a jacket. I loved a DB dress but I couldn't buy it since I couldn't order extra fabric.
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    yeah, i called them today and seamed completely mystified by the request like they had never heard anything like it.  So that sucks.  I'll probably try again when the dress actually comes in...the lady on the phone didn't really speak english that well.  So we'll see.  I still love the dress without sleaves, but I was thinking it would be pretty with/ then I won't have to lift weights before the wedding lol.  
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