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Anyone have an eye for jewelry + dress matching?

I'm totally clueless on the jewelry front since I don't wear much but my engagment ring and one other.  Can anyone tell me what kind of jewelry would be best looking with my dress?

here is the link to my dress in my bio

Thanks in advance ya'll!

Re: Anyone have an eye for jewelry + dress matching?

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    I think you would look good with no necklace, since the front of the dress/sash has detail near the neckline.  Since the broach on the dress looks like rindstones to me in the pic, I would go with rindstone earrings, similar to the ones in the pictures.  Just try to match the broach.  You could also do a bracelet.

    Pretty dress!
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    I agree with the pp....I would opted out of the necklace and go with a more of drop down rhinestone earrings kind like what the model has on especially if you wear your hair pinned up.  BTW....I love your dress....simply beautiful!
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    That dress is a classic knock out and I think no necklace is a good choice because you have such decoration in the bow. Opt for larger earrings. Beautiful dress!
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