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Bustle or Loop?

I am not doing any alterations on my dress in an attempt to keep costs down. Fortunately, it fits perfectly. I'll be adding a crinoline skirt underneath (already have the skirt from my pageant days) and wearing 4 inch heels to deal with the length of the un-hemmed dress. What do I do with the train during the day though? It already has a loop on it to hold/put on my wrist, but I'm wondering if that's going to look strange or get annoying. I will be dying the crinoline blue so at least if it's going to be visible when I'm holding the loop, it doesn't look so much like underwear. Does anybody have any experience doing this or seeing this? Should I just add a bustle?

This is the dress:

The train on mine seems to be a little bit longer than what's pictured here, presumably b/c my dress has not been hemmed.


Re: Bustle or Loop?

  • I say leave it as is. Gorgeous dress btw! Congrats.
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  • Beautiful dress! And I would do a bustle. Even if it is something simple so that is it out of the way for the evening.
  • Yes, bustle. My aunt had just the loop and her wrist was red from carrying it even before the ceremony. Between the ceremony and reception, I pinned it up for her like a bustle, which was pretty easy. All you need is a button at the base of the corset back and a thread/ribbon loop at the appropriate point on the skirt. You could even DIY it with a little help from someone to mark the spot for the loop.
  • I also say bustle.  Like Duds said, one point is very cheap!  My seamstress charged me $10 per point.

    I know a girl who had a loop.  She said it was annoying as hell.
  • I'm another vote for the bustle. 

    As for the person that recommended leaving it as it is, that's a bad idea.  My bustle was done to just sweep the floor and there were several times when I had people accidently step on my dress, tugging me backwards.
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:32636743-9d62-47ac-94e3-17db3bca7d5dPost:efee185c-eb70-46ae-9a14-0ee4809d23ae">Re: Bustle or Loop?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm another vote for the bustle.  As for the person that recommended leaving it as it is, that's a bad idea.  My bustle was done to just sweep the floor and there were several times when I had people accidently step on my dress, tugging me backwards.
    Posted by jagore08[/QUOTE]

    This happened to me too. I can't imagine how it would have been if my dress didn't have a bustle, but I'm sure there would have been a lot more tripping involved. I also had a three-point bustle because my dress was so heavy. I'm glad my seamstress recommended this, because by the end of the night one of the sides had loosened from the dancing/stepping on the dress/sitting down.
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  • I say bustle. At least the one point. My friend did the thumb loop for her wedding and she didn't dance much because that dress was got to be really heavy throughout the night
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  • Bustle.  If the train of your dress is heavy then your wrist will most likely start to hurt.  Think about all the hugging you will be doing and the you really want your train attached to your wrist all night?  Just imagining that is making me annoyed so I can't possibly imagine doing it.

    Bustles...the simple ones...are not that expensive.  Also, I know you want to keep the costs down but will you be comfortable wearing 4 inch heels all night long...because if you take them off you will be tripping over your dress all evening which would be another pain in the butt.

  • Sorry my mistake, I thought you wanted to hem the dress. I skimmed through because I was at work! I like the one point bustle like Duds has in her pic. :)
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  • I think the loop looks a little dated- go with bustle.

    If all you need to hem + bustle, go to an independent seemstress. Do NOT let your bridal shop do it (they charge out the bum). I bet an ind. seamstress would do both for like 50 bucks, tops.
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  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm def gonna go for the bustle, I love the way the 1-point looks on MilkDuds' dress! I didn't realize it would be so affordable (the bridal shop said alterations are $100, not happening, though I'll admit I haven't asked about the bustle). My mom's friend works part-time as a seamstress so I guess I'll ask her to do it for me.

    @Maggie: I'm not worried about the 4-inch heels. I used to be a dancer, which meant 6-inch heels all night long, so 4-inches is cake for me lol. Plus I'm wearing a pair of party shoes I already have, so they're broken in just enough to be comfy, yet not enough to look worn or be recognized (I don't party much).

    Thanks again!

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