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cathedral veil questions!

so i want a cathedral length veil, but the ones at the bridal salon i got my dress at are soooo expensive and i just can't justify it.
i've seen really cheap ones ($30-$50) on etsy, but they might not be the right length. if it's too long, would i be able to get it shortened?
i'd like it to run a little bit longer than my train, and i don't have that measurement.



Re: cathedral veil questions!

  • I would have a veil made the length you need it--it's less expensive than you think!

    I would avoid buying a veil if you're uncertain about the length because unless it's a cut edge veil, you can't shorten them without losing detail.
  • hey,

    it's the same thing with me. The store where I bought my gown was selling their veil for 750. It's a cathedral length with a blusher and it had satin ribbon trim. I also looked at another bridal store for almost the same style but it was half the price. One thing that I did notice was that the cheaper one was not as nice. The comb was plastic and it just did not stay in place and was much heavier. The more expensive one was really light and well just looked a lot more expensive.

    I don't know maybe I'm crazy but I did notice the difference so maybe you get what you pay for. 
  • well, i don't want any embellishments on it anyways, so it wouldn't really be bad if i could cut it


  • My seamstress made my veil for me while she was altering my dress.  It was a cathedral length drop veil with no  embellishment.  $60.
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  • My veil is a family veil, and it's super duper long. Instead of wearing it at it's full length, im folding about 3 feet of it (I hope this makes sense) and then bracing it from there, so it looks like it's a double veil for the part above my shoulders. I hope that makes sense. I see the length of the veils as being adjustable without cutting them. You can definitely find nice, pre-worn Belgian lace veils on ebay and Good luck!
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