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DB Fitting Question

So because I'm paranoid about my dress (I have one of the VW dresses and they're aren't really short person friendly and I'm 4'11") and alterations so I'm going to my first fitting tomorrow. I know people say DB is way overpriced in the alterations department but I can't find a reliable seamstress in my area that has a good reputation for wedding gowns and mine has a lot of detail in the skirt so I'd rather take it to DB where they have actually worked on the gown I have before if that makes sense.

Anyhow I'm rambling, I apologize lol. But yeah for those of you who had their alterations at DB how did payment work? Did they quote you there and you pay like a deposit and pay the rest when you pick it back up or something? Trying to see how much money I should expect to have for tomorrow just in case.

I know when I got the dress that the underskirt and tulle need to be hemmed/taken up, it needs to be taken in a tiny bit at the waist, and I'm planning on getting a bustle. I'm assuming I'll be paying in the $300s by the sounds of previous DB brides. I hope my question made sense and I didn't confuse anyone lol.

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    I've had good experiences with my DB alterationist.  Their prices are very reasonable in my mind, and they've done good work.

    They will make you pay in full once they figure out what needs to be altered, which is a bit of nervewracking.  If you can't pay it all at once, they open up a DB credit card for you.
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    Alright thank you, I appreciate it! :)
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    Yep, I also had a great experience with my DB alterations and paid upfront for all alterations.
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    Mine was great! I tried on the dress and we talked about what needed to be done (taken in a little at the top, and then 7 bustle hooks). 

    It was a total of $105.

    And honestly, DB is NOT overpriced for alterations. I've worked as a seamstress. Alterations take time to do, and wedding gowns are a lot more complex than hemming pants or sewing on a button. Moving a zipper is hard to do, and when you factor in lace and beadwork - it's more work, and usually involves hand stitching. 

    If you don't want to pay a lot fo alterations, pick a dress style that won't require a lot of alterations.
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    Oh I have no issue paying for alterations. I'm just saying what I've heard in the past from previous brides. I knew before I got my dress it was going to cost a good amount to get it altered wherever I go.
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    My alterations ran me $185...that included a hem, taking in the straps, and adding a bustle. The "alterations queen" as my consultant affectionatly referred to her, met with me briefly when I purchased my dress and gave me a brief idea what would need to be done, before I'd even purchased. When the dress came in, the same woman did all the pinning, and she gave me options and prices for the bustle. You do pay up front when all the pinning is done, and they give you the carbon copy of the sheet they'd noted everything on so you know the breakdown of the costs. Made an appointment to come back for the finished product and it was done and steamed and ready to pick up at my final appointment. It was actually a great experience.

    They did offer me the DB credit card if I couldn't pay in full, but I actually had already went ahead and opened an interest free credit card through a regular company to use for mulitple wedding items...We have a year of interest free (wedding is 4 months away) so we'll be well paid off before the interest kicks in .
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