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Double sided tape?

I'm not wearing a bra with my wedding dress since it is a low back and sweetheart neckline.  I just finished the alterations and the top of the dress doesn't "sit" flat against my body.  Has anyone used double sided tape?  I'm sure no one will be able to see down, but I just need the added comfort!!

Re: Double sided tape?

  • Yes, brilliant stuff
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  • Is there a certain brand you like that can hold up the weight of wedding dresses? I have the same problem and am thinking about double sided tape.
  • I would love to find a good kind of tape. I have DDs and am wearing a strapless gown
  • I've always bought the double sided tape from Victoria's Secret and it has always worked really well for me. I have never tried it on anything like a wedding dress, but I think it would still work great.
  • Lindsay, the tape should not need to hold up the dress--once you have alterations done, the bodice of the dress should fit you snugly and hold the weight of the gown.

    The dress might not meet your body at the top if it's a ruffled crumbcatcher neckline, but that neckline should still not be holding any weight.
  • Tape is not going to hold the dress up but more keep it in place. I didn't use it for my wedding dress but I've used it for several nights when going out and didn't want my "girls" to make a scene. Tape does not provide support at all.
  • There's a product I found on called "It stays body adhesive" that has gotten rave reviews.  I plan to pick it up sometime soon and give it a test drive before the wedding. 

    The other one I use is Hollywood tape, but I hate having to cut or double up pieces of tape for different sized straps, etc.
  • If you payed for alterations, they should ensure that it fits properly and that you're comfortable with the way it fits. Fashion tape might help, but you might be better off talking to whoever did the alterations and telling them that you're not happy with the way it's fitting.
  • I used tape from David's Bridal to hold up my dress because my alterations sucked and weren't finished until 5 days before the wedding.  It was strong stuff.

    For those who are thinking about getting it to keep the dress up though, you might want to see how alterations go first.  I only used the tape because it was last minute and I didn't trust that my dress would be fixed correctly the second time.  While it worked, it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, was awkward to put on, and the top of my dress would probably have looked a little nicer without the tape.  By the end of the reception, the weight of the dress was hurting my back - I have no idea if that's the same with taped vs. not taped up.
  • I recently found out I'm allergic to adhesive, which is NEW to me, oh YAY! Could be fine, but I'd slap some of that tape on where it will be for the wedding day, and wear it for a day, just to be sure you don't develop blistering hives. Yeah, BLISTERING.
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