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What if you don't fit the sample size?

A bridal salon called me and I asked a few questions.  Although they have gowns that come in my size, there is no way in hell I will ever fit the sample size.  Basically, the woman told me that I could hold the dresses up to me and image what it would look like.  That doesn't sound like the greatest solution.  Was anyone else in this situation? If so, what did you do?

Re: What if you don't fit the sample size?

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    I was! I'm actually currently awaiting the arrival of my dress (verrrry anxiously) because I've never ACTUALLY put it on. Crazy I know, but I just have this gut feeling it's my dress. It's all I could envision. I guess if you KNOW it's yours and can see yourself in it, go for it. If not :-\ The bridal world is very cruel when it comes to sizing. If there's one you love you can't get into, find a similar one (shape-wise) that you CAN get into and go from there. I think I just rambled on and on. HTH
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    I didn't want a mermaid or trumpet gown so it helped to try on smaller sizes because the skirt was more forgiving.  The ones that didn't zip all the way up they clipped it to my bra so it stayed up.  
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    I would call around and find out if any bridal salons do have your size.  In addition, maybe a mega store like david's bridal would be helpful in trying on different shapes and silhouettes to see what style you like best, that way it isn't as difficult to imagine if you go somewhere else and they don't have your size in the dress you like.

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    They can clip the dresses.

    I only went to DB and AA.  Both carry samples in multiple sizes including plus sizes.  Even if you don't intend to purchase there, you may want to go to one of those stores to try on dresses.  Get an idea of what necklines and silhouettes work well with your shape before going to the other bridal salon.
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    That seems outrageous to me that you wouldn't be able to try on your wedding dress.  They should carry a dress in their largest size so every bride can try their dress on.  Heavens knows they make enough profit off of the dresses!

    I know there is a salon that carries only plus sizes in my area. You might try searching around for one around you.  I think it would even be worth a drive.
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    There has to be a store in your area or at least close that has some samples in your size.  And the other girls are correct, as long as you can get the dress on they can put in an extra modesty panel and pin it.  Good luck!
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    I would go to the salon and look for dresses with a corset (lace-up) back.  When I tried on dresses, I was a size 14, but could fit somewhat into the 8 or 10s with the corset back.  They are much more flexible than a zippered dress.  Good luck!
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    I went to 5 stores before buying my dress. 4 out of those 5 had sizes in all ranges, including lots that were too big :)  The 5th store was actaully going out of business when we got there so they were limited to stock on hand and were seeling samples a rock bottom prices.  I wish I could have found my dress there.
    I tried on everything from a 14 to a 22 and those all fit.  Nuts, but true.  I second that AA carries all sizes.  I was looking for AA dresses and those were the salons I went to. Those shops that AA dresses in all size plus they had several other desginers in sizes 16 and up.   The dress I bought was too big at 3 stores, all 3 had it in a 24, 26 & 28.... I ordered and 18, which now has to be taken in 2 inches!  YAY!!!
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