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Passing the torch

Hi Ladies,

I have been a super slacker with the NH Knotties page and realize that it is time to give the passcodes to someone else. I have asked FireDancer04 to take the reigns and she said yes! I have no doubt that she will do a great job!!!

Thanks Lauren!

Re: Passing the torch

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    AmyLou09AmyLou09 member
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    Aww it's a sad day in 08/09 land but thanks for passing the torch onto Lauren, I hope that she will do a great job keeping it up to date as it really is so helpful for the new girls!  Thanks for doing such an awesome job revamping it and keeping it going Gabs! 

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    So sad to see you go as the Moderator Gabs! But I think Lauren is will be great like you!!

    It weird not having all of you 08/09 girls on here all the time :( But I guess you have to move on sometime right?
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