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Altering a dress with boning

I purchased my dress from DB and I love it!  The dress has boning in the bust area.  It was big when I tried on the sample, but I knew the dress needed to be taken in quite a bit and assumed the dress would be made to fit when I took it for alterations.

I had the dress altered and am happy with it, but there is one problem.  The bust of the dress is shaped such that it adds about 2 inches to my bustline.  I think I look ridiculous in the dress and I don't feel like myself wearing it.

When I voiced my concerns to the woman in alterations, she kept insisting that it looks fine and that there is nothing wrong with looking larger than you are.  She also kept insisting that there was no way to alter it since the dress had boning in it.  She had added some cups to fill out the space, but there is still an extra inch of space and I don't WANT my boobs to look that much bigger than they really are.  I was so upset and angry and cried at the fitting.  I eventually couldn't be there anymore and left with my dress.

Now I am panicing. I have an appointment to meet with a seamstress this Saturday (NOT at DB), but am worried because my wedding is on the 30th.
Do any of you know- is it possible to alter the shape of a bust when there is boning?
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Re: Altering a dress with boning

  • It depends on how good your new seamstress is, but generally dresses with boning can be altered--however, it is quite the process. Normally it involves taking the boning out of the dress, altering it, then replacing the boning. 

    Read this to get a better idea of how a seamstress might go about doing this. 

    I'm sorry you've had such a negative experience with something that should be fun! I hope that the new seamstress will be able to remedy the situation. Let us know how it goes! :)
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  • My dress had boning in it and the cup size was much bigger than what I am.  My seamstress was able to make it fit perfectly for me.  I generally think the seamstresses at DB are like a big box store, once you've made your purchase they will do as little as possible after that (or at least that's been my experience with them).
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  • Yes, dresses with boning can be altered in the cup, but usually there is a limit to how much. I was in a wedding last year where the bridal store sent me a bridesmaids dress that was two sizes bigger than what I had ordered! The seamstress I went to was able to alter it enough so that it stayed on and everything, but there was a bit of an odd shape to the bust even after it was done.
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