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Does a dropped waist wedding dress make you look wider???

So I selected the Anne Barge "Devereaux" dress, which I LOVE... in theory.  However, after purchasing the dress, I looked back as the photos of all the dresses I tried on side by side and came to the conclusion that I selected the LEAST flattering dress! eek! While I love the texture and ruffles and all of the details, of the dress I chose, there is something about the dropped waist that I think makes me look wider. I'm a size 10 and while I don't have a gut or anything, I'm still just wider than I'd like to be. I'm wondering if this is just a trait of anyone curvy wearing a dropped waist dress or if this is just me being overly critical? Have any curvy women out there worn a dropped waist dress without it making them appear even larger? If so, I'd love to see a photo. I need encouragement! :-/

I think I may have fallen in love with the dress on the mannequin, but the dropped waist doesn't look quite the same on me. I'm planning to lose wait, but who knows if that will be enough. 

Re: Does a dropped waist wedding dress make you look wider???

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    I am about the same size as you and my dress had a drop waist. I thought it pulled me in nicely, but I suppose it could depend on the style and cut of the dress.

    Pictures? We love pictures.
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    My dress is a dropped waist. I don't think it makes you look wider. Although, it probably depends on the body type. Some dresses flatter some body types, while others don't.

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    It depends... I don't think so, but something like a sash at the waist to draw the eye to your smallest section can really make a difference. 
    I am a size 6 and wore a drop waist gown. My gown had vertical boning detail so I think that may have helped me stay looking proportional, as did my sash :) 
    I think the drop waist is incredibly flattering on hourglass shapes. 

    I look at all the photos of me from trying on a bazillion gowns, and in those pictures, I chose the "least flattering" but ya know what? Those pictures were taken at awkward angles with "eh" lighting in a store. When you have a professional photographer snapping shots of you, that will make all the difference. Rock your gown!
    And show us pictures!!!! :] 

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    ok's a picture. I was heistant to put any up becuase I had to try the dress in a size that was too small and the dress has not yet arrived in my size. I'm sure that has a bit to do with the dress not looking that great (e.g. the bunching of the fabric). 

    I think with a dropped waist dress and so much volume on the bottom it might make a person look wider because the volume begins at the widest part on me- the hip, versus my natural waist line which is more narrow. 

    Maybe since I've already bought this dress maybe I should have the drop made so that it begins an inch or two lower so that the seam hits below my hip where I start to narrow again instead of right at the hip??? I just ordered so I think I can make the change since it's custom made.

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    Thanks for your input and encouragement ladies!!! 
    I attached a photo of myself in the dress- although in a size too small.
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    omgosh that dress looks fantastic on you! It does NOT make you look wide at all! From that picture I would guess you're a size 6/8 not a 10! YOu look amazing :] Do you have pictures of you in the other gowns to help us compare ? :) 

    ETA: That lighting is seriously horrible. Don't let the picture discourage you. I can imagine you in that gown when it actually FITS and it will be incredible. You will NOT have such awful lighting at home or during your wedding!
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    Ok, here's one of the dresses I didn't pick that I thought may have looked more flattering.  It didn't have all of the ruffles that I love though so that's why I didn't pick this one. 
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    Tihs one is very flattering.. but 
    1. It obviously fits you better than the other, so it's hard to compare the fit, because obviously the one you chose isn't in your size just yet. 
    2. It doesn't have the fun ruffles that you love. It's a little more mature, and you seem to enjoy the playful aspect of the other. 
    3. The lighting is WAY better in this picture. That makes a huge difference. Seriously. 
    Just wait until you get your gown in and get to try it on under the right lighting, with the right fit. You will be put at ease :] 
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    Thanks sooo much for your feed back! seriously! I'm not sure why the photo of my in the dress I selected is so small, but from what you can see any thoughts on having the waist dropped 1-2 inches so that it hits below my hip instead of at the hip? Thanks again!
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    I think that even with the pictures you posted I like the first one more.(the one you picked.) I think that it gives you more of an hour glass figure, and that the sash adds to that. I think it will look great once you get to see it fit right. :)

    I also think that you look more in love with the one you picked in the picture. Even with bad lighting you look more excited.
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    Hmm.. That's a tough one... 
    You're definitely going to have to talk to a seamstress about that one. It depends on the material and how much extra there is of it under the gown so that they CAN drop it. 
    You're thinking you want more of a trumpet, than a drop waist (which is what it is now)... Trumpets are nice, but on me, I felt I looked way too curvey. If you aren't afraid to show those currrrrves, then I would definitely ask the seamstress. Just try not to get your hopes up, because that's a difficult alteration that not all gowns can handle. :/ 

    Yeah, no problem! We have all been there with worrying about our gowns :o
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    What a dreamy dress!  Even in a size too small, you look beautiful in that dress.  This dress makes your chest look big (in a good way) while your waist looks small and your hips look well-proportioned.  And I think a dropped waist does a good job showing off curves without making someone look hippy (unless of course you have giant hips in the first place, which you do not).
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    Yes, dropped waists can be unflattering on lots of bodies and accentuate even small tummies.

    I love you in that gown though!  Just need to make sure (it will presumably be fixed in your actual gown) that you don't get the bunching across the tummy area because then it can just look ill-fitting.  Love the dress BTW.
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    You are rockin' the dress you chose!  LOVE IT!

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    I wholeheartedly agree with comments from FTL regarding lighting.  You look fabulous in your dress!  I'm about the same size, and when I tried on my dress, I knew it was the one, but when I looked at pictures (cell phone pictures, no less, with bad lighting!) I kind of freaked and thought I made the wrong choice.  I've taken a couple pictures in slightly better lighting, with way better camera angles (and a camera that's part of a cell phone, lol)

    I also think everyone is their own worst critic.  You seriously look great in your dress!!!

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    WOW!  Those are amazing dresses.  
    I think it's the fact that the sample does not fit you.  I think you will look drop dead gorgeous on your wedding day!  

    I don't comment on dresses I don't like so I am honestly in love with your dress.  
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    You guys are awesome! I really appreciate the support! I needed that encouragement! Thanks again!
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    Wow! Just called the bridal shop that I bought the dress at and it turns out that the floor model of the dress I tried on had been modified for their store and was short waisted and the real version of the dress is actually has a two inches longer bodice! So it turns out that the seam really was at a strange place and they are going to make sure that my bodice is 2 inches longer/ the length it's supposed to be anyway. Crisis averted! 

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    Just wanted to say that the dress you chose is gorgeous! And, I agree with all the posts above. 

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    I think your first choice looks amazing!!! I also like that one much more than the second dress!  Stick with your first choice!
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    yay!! awesome news!! See? Everything works out :o) You're going to love it and look amaaaazing!
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    I think you already made a decision, but I whole heartedly agree that the drop waist looks great on you!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Does a dropped waist wedding dress make you look wider???</a>:
    [QUOTE]Wow! Just called the bridal shop that I bought the dress at and it turns out that the floor model of the dress I tried on had been modified for their store and was short waisted and the real version of the dress is actually has a two inches longer bodice! So it turns out that the seam really was at a strange place and they are going to make sure that my bodice is 2 inches longer/ the length it's supposed to be anyway. Crisis averted! 
    Posted by Jacquin27[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>AH HA!  It all works out.  Please post pictures when your gown comes in.  :-)</div><div>
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    I think you look GREAT in that dress!
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    I think your 1st choice looks great. You have a full chest so it balances you out. I'm that it seems it will work out for you.
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    On me probably I have big hips

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    I like the one that you picked. It does not make you look wider. i think it flatters your curves and creates a nice silhouette.
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    I love a dropped waist..but the one you picked is gorge!
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    I love the ruffly dress much better than the other one!  Good pick.

    And it doesn't make you look wide at all.  I had the same problem because I have wide hips compared to the rest of my body and I bought a fit and flair dress and I thought it made me look wide.  But then I looked at the pictures and like you it just defined my waist more.  Everyone else thought it was very flattering :)

    If you want the dress to look more like it does on the model you could get a slip to make the skirt look more full.  This would make the ruffles show up more and make your hips look smaller in comparison.
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