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New Hampshire

How's it going?

Has anyone had any new developments lately?  I feel like everyone is MIA these days.

This weekend was pretty busy with wedding and Christmas things.

Wedding related:  
288 candles + 288 votive holders = $174
Diamond Mesh Wrap to line those votives = Under $100  (w/lots left over)
STD's will be ordered today.
We'll be choosing our cake banding and adhesive sheets for the cake stand :)

My mom purchased 30 table cloths for $187 at 25% off.

And I saved about $100 on Christmas shopping.  I just need to get gift cards to finish it off.  Staying under a $500 budget  for 10 people.  Not too shabby.

Re: How's it going?

  • Everyone is MIA- must be the holiday season.  My wedding's not for a while, but we have the venue, photographer, dj, and ceremony musicians booked.  I also have bought my dress.  

    The next thing is the bridesmaid's dress.  My sister in law to be will be the only bridesmaid and she is extremely large chested, but otherwise petite.  I've spent a lot of time looking for dresses that I like, but will allow for her to wear a bra.  It should diminish her chest and emphasize her waist.  Everything that I found that I really liked was super expensive, so I found an off the rack dress that I thought might work.  I bought it for her and am bringing it when we go visit over the holidays.  Fingers crossed!

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  • I agree.. everyone has been MIA! I have been extremely busy with school (only two more classes then winter break!) work & wedding planning.. oh and of course Christmas! But I have been working on getting my STDs out... which I am still waiting on a list of addresses from my FMIL! errr... and I think I may have found my BM dresses! Waiting for approval from one more BM because she wasn't able to come with us this past Saturday.... here is the possible dress:

  • I have taken a wedding break and going into the final stretch in January. I have to get an appointment for my first fitting, buy bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts, finish centerpieces...sending out invites at the end of January. YIKES! Lots of little things, too. I can't think about them now. So much holiday stuff. 

    Happy Holidays to everyone!
  • With the holidays I'm also taking a bit of a wedding break until the weather gets better and July gets closer.  I'm doing a lot of DIY stuff, but obvi I have some time.  We've selected the majority of our vendors (with the exception of the cake), and we've ordered my dress, tuxes, and bridesmaids dresses, AND save the dates were out a month ago, so we're in pretty good shape!  No stress yet :)

    Kfudge0714 - love that bridesmaid dress!! 

    Have a fabulous holiday season ladies!!
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  • In Response to Re: How's it going?:
    [QUOTE]Kfudge0714 - love that bridesmaid dress!!  Posted by karavop6[/QUOTE]

    Thanks! =)
  • I just got engaged on 12/16... and now am starting the planning process.  Still trying to figure out the timing for the church and looking for a venue.  I'm thinking the BVI, but that's the only one I have seen so far.  I'm off to the Manchester Country Club tonight...
  • Got our cake tasting today! Yum!!! Oh and we ordered our invitations yesterday, I found this website and saved us hundreds! We were going to go with Invited in Hampsted, but the invitation when it was all said and done would have been over 600...for paper! So I found Cards and Pockets online and ordered everything through them with the design in mind, then have the other place just do our printing. We have to put them together, but I love DIY projects. Whatever it takes to save $ these days.
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