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Engagement ring resizing...yes or no??

He finally popped the question on Saturday!!!  He gave me this gorgeous ring!!  It's a BIT too large.  It's a size 5 and I am a size 4.5.  I know it doesn't sound like a big difference but I am definitely going to lose it cause it is just a bit too loose.  I got a ring guard but the jewelry store lady said it's a temporary fix only.

The FI got it on the internet somewhere and cannot get it resized for free.  The lady who sold me the guard will do it for free and even do a rush order on it.  I'm happy and appreciative BUT...I have been warned not to resize. 

Has anyone resized theirs??  Can you please show me pictures of how they resized and the final look.  Opinions please!!!!


Re: Engagement ring resizing...yes or no??

  • I didn't have to have mine re-sized but I can tell you it will be worth the money, you don't want to always be worried about it falling off and I don't trust those guards very much. But I could be biased since FMIL worked for a jeweler.
  • The only things I'd be cautious about:

    --It can fit more snugly after you have a wedding band too. Mine is almost too tight with the wedding band, and I kind of wish I'd just used the "temporary fix" until the wedding.

    --Does it have diamonds all the way round the band? That can get expensive and ugly to resize. If not though, you're probably fine.
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    How loose is it?  My ring spun my entire engagement but held in place once I had the wedding band.  The jeweler had sized the e-ring just a little high on the finger since that is where it would sit with the band.

    Congratulations on your engagement.
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  • 100% get it sized. Ring guards are for very temp use. I guess its probably not that cold in FL but in MN people lose their rings all the time in the winter especially. If your ring is loose when your hands are at normal body temp it be even more loose if your hands are cold.
  • i had my e-ring resized and you can't tell. I would have it done.
  • Mine was a perfect fit (w/o fi knowing the right size) but my bff's was too big and she got hers resized.  No regrets so far.
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  • Oh and for the people advising you against it - Pave are the only rings you really shouldn't have resized. Most other rings should be fine, especially if its only half a size, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Opal makes a good point. If you are getting a band soldered on it will be tighter. It sucks but if that's the case I would resize it again at that time. I just do not trust temps.
  • I had mine re-sized twice - it was a size 5 when we picked it out, it was a 3.75 when he proposed, and is now 3.5 (and fits!). No problem at all.
  • girl get that resized!!!!! I had the same problem... same size and all!!! I lost my ring the night I got it because I threw my arms around someone to hug them (my hand were super cold.. therefore smaller then normal..) and it flew off!! Thank gosh we found it in the souch!! Even after they resized it down a 1/2 size when i get super cold its even a lil big.... i couldnt imagine doing day to day stuff with it still as big as it was! It look exactally the same and it only took 2 weeks. PS make sure if they gave you the metal guard... go get it switched to the plastic one! The metal one is old schooled and will stratch the band! They will have to buff it out... which will wear away the material faster then normal!
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  • I had mine resized and it was the best thing I ever did. It molds with my hand now like it was meant to be there and I love it! The jeweler he bought the ring from resized it for free, and in about an hour!
  • I got mine resized after having it for a year.  I had beads added to it about 1 month after our engagement, but even the beads couldn't keep it from spinning around and being too big.  I thought my hands might swell in warm weather, but when that didn't happen, I got it resized.  It was the best thing I did and I was annoyed I hadn't done it earlier!
  • Kara, you aren't the only one with that issue. :)
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  • I had mine resized from a 7 to a 4.5 and it fits perfect,  you can not tell a difference in the appearance of the ring.
  • Why would someone have warned against resizing? Thats way better than losing the ring.
    Mine was a 6.75, but I had to get it down to a 5.75. It still spins around, but I'm waiting to get sizing beads until after the wedding.

    I say get it resized, especially for free! I paid $130 to get my e-ring and band sized and polished.
  • If it's comfortable and not too loose, stick with the temporary fix (ring guards, beads, whatever) until the wedding. Then once you get your band, have them sized together.

    If they do a proper job resizing, they will reset the diamonds as necessary. And you won't see where they cut the ring and stick it back together. It's not like they're using scotch tape...

    Mine was resized about half a size as well. These are pictures of the bottom of the ring. It's a little scratched up from wear, but there's no visible break.

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  • I agree you should get it sized.  But talk to the jeweler and make sure its not going to be an issue.  The picture looks like it has side diamonds and I can't tell if they are channel set or pave.  But even with only going down 1/2 a size it shouldn't be an issue with making the diamonds loose, unless it had been sized before and not ordered in the current size.  But the jeweler would be able to let you know if it will be possible and still keep your diamonds secure.  Also you might want to think about getting it appraised since you are already letting it go so then you can get it put on your homeowners/renters insurance.
  • I don't think you should! If your fingers swell then you won't be able to get it off. That isn't much difference. If it is sliding off, then definately have them resize it. I know mine was a ring size to big, so I did get mine resized. I wear a 5 and got it resized to a 5.5
  • It's not true that you can't resize a pave ring without problems. Mine has pave stones that go halfway around. If your stones only go halfway around, you're probably fine getting it resized.

    But how loose is it? If it's only a quarter size or so, I'd just wait. It will be tighter with a wedding band, even if they are not soldered together (mine are not), and your fingers may swell a bit when you get warm as well.

    If you're confused, you could always ask a jeweler to try on some wedding bands in your size next to the e-ring, and see how much tighter it feels.
  • I didn't say you can't resize a pave, I said you shouldn't (in most cases). I've worked in jewelry and have seen a million rings sized and have never seen any lines where they cut the ring. Your fingers swell when you are warm, and get smaller when you are cold but I would never suggest someone not size a ring just because your fingers swell. The ring gets tighter yeah, but it's a lot better than your ring falling off.
  • I don't have a picture :( BUT let me tell you---IT'S WORTH IT!! Mine was too big and I kept telling myself I needed to take it in but I didn't want to be without it for a few days (cheesy, I know!!) But one day I was cooking dinner and it slipped off my finger and fell down the garbage disposal. I was lucky enough to reach my hand down and it get it out with no damage. But i know of people who have not been so lucky. A 1/2 size makes a huge difference!!


  • Also, think about the weather. Is it currently cold where you live? In the summer your fingers will swell and then you have to deal with a ring that's too tight. Same situation with me: he proposed in November. Here in Pittsburgh it can get might chilly. I took my ring down a whole size, and it was wonderful. But once May and June came around, I had to size it back up .5 a size because it literally hurt too much to wear. And you don't want to keep sizing it over and over again, since it can weaken the ring.
  • It's pretty hot down here.  It won't cool off until November or December sometimes.  I only need to resize .5.  But it's very noticeable to me.  Without the ring guard on I kept balling up my fist to make sure the ring didn't slip off.  I was thinking I could use a ring guard until the wedding but I wanted opinions about having it resized. 

    I just don't like to mess with anything and risk it getting damaged in some way but I definintely don't want to risk losing it.  It's not something I had ever had to think about.  I I think it's a good idea to try it on with the wedding band and see how that goes.  Otherwise, I am probably going to resize it.  Thanks for everyone's feedback.  It was all very helpful.  =)
  • Yes. I think you should have it resized. Mine was purchased from Zales and I was sized and it was done through them. I thought I was between half sizes and they recommended getting a half size. Living where the seasons change makes a difference. It fits perfectly in the summer even if my hands swell but it will still swirl around my finger when it's colder.
  • I have a pave halfway down the sides and had it resizes .25 size up.  It is beautiful, nothing bad happened at all.  It was just a hair too small and in the summer my fingers swell, so it became a little uncomfortable. 
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  • Your ring actually looks almost identical to mine! Do the diamonds go all the way around? You are correct to be concerned about sizing. I had to have mine resized smaller twice, and when you do that it can loosen the settings on the band for all of the smaller diamonds. I had a little diamond on the band fall out on two different occasions after sizing. My friends dad is our jeweler and he finally just got me a brand new band in a smaller size. Normally sizing isn't an issue, just when the diamonds go all the way around the band. Just make sure whoever is sizing yours checks all of the setting very carefully after sizing!!! You also want to have it inspected every 6 months or so as some of the settings, especially on the bottom if your diamonds go all the way around, take a lot of abuse!!
  • ive resized my ring twice. everything went fine. but mine was under warranty from the company he bought it from.

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  • My fiancé picked out a ring that was a size 7 and had it resized to 5.5 for me.  You couldn't tell at all.  Then I realized that it really needed to be smaller or I would probably lose it when my hands were colder, so I had it resized to a 4 at the jeweler's suggestion.  She said it should be big enough to get over your knuckle and onto your finger, but it should be a little tough to get back off and over the knuckle.  Even if it does cost you, it's worth it.  Plus, you'll know what size to make your wedding ring to match and won't have to worry about them falling off your hand!

  • my ring is pretty similar to yours and I had to have mine resized....I have fat fingers hehe and my FI gave me a ring that was a size 6 but I needed a 7.  My ring has diamonds that go half way around......they had to cut the ring and make it bigger but you can't tell at all.....I was charged $50 but they also polished and cleaned it :) I say go to a jewler and ask their the summer your hand is going to swell so you don't want the ring too small but also you don't want the ring too big for the winter when your finger shrinks.
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  • You mentioned that he got the ring online somewhere, was it Blue Nile?  That's where FI purchased my ring.  The setting looks fairly similar to yours, platinum and  has 12 princess cut diamonds along the band.  My ring was two full sizes too big, Blue Nile did it for free, we just had to pay to ship it to them.  You can't even tell anything was done to it, it came back perfect.

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  • The diamonds go half way around.  12 small diamonds in 18 k white gold.  FI told me that the time to resize for free from the online company is over.  I suggested to mail it to the company to resize for me even if it costs money but he doesn't want to ship it and it get lost in the mail (even though I suggested insurance).  I'll probably just take it to a jeweler in town.  But I'll probably use the same online company to buy a matching wedding band.  I'll buy it in my actual ring size.

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