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The dress of my dreams doesn't exist! Replica?

I started looking in 2011 and found a beautiful Sophia Tolli dress that, because of my plus-sizability, would have flattered my figure. We have a LONG engagement planned because money is tight, and we're saving up for something really beautiful. I decided, though, I was too excited and went to order my dress in September, only to find out they stopped production of it in April. I don't want to order a chinese replica, I did that once already and the dress was beautifully made and looked just like the picture, but I hated it (but my grandmother picked it out). But the site somehow got hacked and my credit card information got stolen. Is it even legal to find a seamstress in the states to make this dress for me? If it is, does anyone know a good seamstress who would do work online? The wedding is still more than a year away, so I have time.

Re: The dress of my dreams doesn't exist! Replica?

  • I would advice you to go for another dress.. You never know whehter the seamstress would be able to produce what you exactly want. So do not take chances with yuor wedding dress and money. Just look out for something really good, I am sure you will find something better than your dream dress.
  • I have a long engagement too so I feel your pain!  I want to get the ball rolling on dresses, but I don't want to miss opportunities or fall in love with another!

    I'm not sure if it's legal to find a seamstress in the US to do it (however I would like to hear more about getting it made in China.  Was it cheaper?)

    I think that style of dress is very popular right now so if you keep looking you can probably find one very similar.  I love the neckline on it!  I'm leaning towards dresses that can have removable straps that would look like that for the ceremony.  So maybe you can find a strapless dress and add the boatline.
  • I don't mean to burst your bubble, but have you actually tried this dress on? Have you tried others on? If not, then you can't possibly know whether or not it's your "dream dress." My advice is to take an afternoon or two to go try on dresses in your price range. Take this picture so they know that you have in mind, but be open to other styles too. You imitate be surprised at what you like and what you feel beautiful in. If, after that, you are still convinced that you'll must have this dress, then I think you might be able to find a seamstress to make something SIMILAR. I'm not sure ethical it is to request an exact copy.
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    I agree with PP.  You can't know it is your dream dress until you're wearing it and tears are washing down your face from the pure dreamy wonderfulness of it.    I cut out a picture of an Ian Stuart gown in a magazine, totally convinced  I had found the gown for me.  When I tried it on, it did nothing for me.  I might as well have been wearing jeans -it became less when I was wearing it.

    I then tried on another gown that I didn't think was AT ALL my style.  Straps?  Halter neckline?  A line ball gown?  No thank you.   But when I put it on, the dress was perfect.  It was THE ONE.  There was no question.

    I'm so glad I didn't get stuck on some abstract idea of "the perfect dress" until I was actually wearing it.

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  • Yeah, go to Davids Bridal and try on a bunch of different dresses and take photos of yourself wearing them (DB lets you do this). Then you can look at the photos at home more objectively than you would perceive them in the moment at the salon. I went to DB for the sole purpose of trying on one specific dress (a-line) that I fell in love with online, and it was horrible on me. I left DB that day the proud owner of a sparkly tulle ball gown, which I had not anticipated at all. Try on dresses and be open-minded, and you will be surprised.
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    Many of the Maggie Sottero gowns look like Sophia's gowns.  Find a store that has a lot of Maggies and try them on.
  • If you do end up really wanting this dress and can't find a salon who carries it (perhaps they still have a sample size that could work?) you can always hit up the pre-owned dress sites. It will save you some money since this is your second dress, and you can have this actual design instead of a replica.
  • Or you could find the things you really like about this and go to a seamstress/dress shop and see what they can come up with. One of my mom's friends used to own a bridal shop and she made a good 1/4 of the dresses from her own designs and also offered custom gowns. Women could bring in many different pictures and say "i like these sleeves, this neckline, i love this detail, etc" and given her experience in the industry/dress making she could make some really good recommendations regarding fit/flattery of figure. It could prove to be a little costly but you could definitely shop around for that kind of service.

    I would also second, though, trying on many different dresses. You could fall in love with something else or find something very similar and/or have some alterations made to make it closer to what you want. :) Best of luck!
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  • my wedding planner in NY gets dresses made. she made me my amalia carrara A20 dress with over 12,000 swarovski crystals,  and absolutely no detail was left out. It started out with me wanting an exact replica, but by the time i got my dress i personalized it so much ( it was a tube top and i had straps added, i made the train detachable, also made the train longer and more dramatic) that although it was still an amalia carrara, it was also "my own". she also made my bridesmaid dresses. i think you should give her a shout, maybe she could help you, and if not she could atleast point you in the right direction!
    but i agree with the other ladies here you have to try on a dress to make sure you like it on your body first!
    good luck
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    It's perfectly legal to make an exact copy, or knock-off of the dress of your dreams.  Fashion styles are not copyrighted in the US.

    I echo other pps, tho - you should try on some dresses before committing.

    And do try to find a local seamstress to make the dress for you instead of ordering online if you decide that's the one..
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