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Tungsten Carbide Ring

Hi All,
My fiance wants a tungsten carbide wedding band.  I've heard amazing things about their durability, but the woman we spoke to at a jewelery store said they can break.  I wanted to see if anyone here has any good or bad experience with them or can offer any advice.

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Re: Tungsten Carbide Ring

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    It would take a huge amount of force to break a tungsten carbide ring. People actually worry more often about being able to cut them off in the event of an emergency, because they are so strong. I would guess your jeweler was trying to sell you something more expensive.
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    I have heard the same things as opalsky. H considered them, but he decided to go with just a regular 14kt white gold band.
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    My guess is the same as opalsky....she probably wants the sale on gold on platinum. FI got a tungsten ring. We both love it, PIB.
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    I think PP is right, she was trying to sell you something more expensive. I got my FI a ring from this site for $40 which is the cheapest site I found and they have a return policy.
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    I'm getting a tungsten ring, $150 with a carbon fiber insert, love it.  Wish FI's ring was $150 LOL

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    MY FFIL welds and he uses Tungsten to weld is super strong and durable. I agree with PP that the sales person was just trying to upsell you.

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    I was more concerned about Tungsten being unbreakable in the event of an emergency.  We opted for 14k white gold.  It was more beautiful anyway. 
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    I figured the "can't be cut" thing was a myth, but I also discovered that tungsten rings can't be resized... titanium might also be in that category.  
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    It's not that they can't be cut, but they have to be broken off, which is what we were told.  They put enough pressure on them and the ring just shatters, but you aren't able to put it back together.  H was going to look past that and figured he didn't care, until I broke my wrist with my e-ring on and barely got it off within a few minutes of it happening.  He decided then that he wanted one that he could cut off and repair.

    But truthfully, if you weigh the cost of a tunsten ring, with the amount of times it would probably need to be cut off (once, probably, maybe twice ever), you're looking at it still being cheaper than a gold ring most likely.  I would just say get what your FI likes. 

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    In addition to everything PPs have said - if you get your ring from Tungsten World, they will replace it if it ever needs to be cut off for a medical reason, and they offer lifetime sizing.  You can't resize a tungsten ring, but they will make you a new one in the size you need for free within 45 days, and there's a $50 deductible for replacements after that.
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    Just got my FI a Tungsten RIng. I decided to get him one because they a durable and very affordable. We got it on sale at a price lower than 100 dollars. A steal for the style and metal that he wanted. 
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