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New Hampshire


Well I sent out the invitations!! I didn't want to walk away from the post office...hahaha! I've spent a lot of time with those invites in the last week. I can't wait until the RSVP's start coming in!

My major wedding accomplishment of the week was talking my FI and his BM out of having the bachelor party the NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING. Eek! The BM likes to party and the wedding is at 1:00pm. I would have been a nervous wreck the night before.

Re: Checks!

  • Congrats on the check! 

    Wow, that sounds like a close call on the Bach party!  I don't think anyone does it the night before the wedding these days.
  • You do NOT need a renactment of The Hangover! LOL

    Congrats on the invites!  I'm going to be insanely excited when I finally get to that point!

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  • Let the mailbox stalking begin!  Laughing

    Seriously, it's more exciting than you'd think.
  • Congrats on the check!! how exciting!! =)
  • Congrats! I can't wait until I'm at that point! Good thing you talked his BM out of that. I think the standard now that everyone does is the week before. No one wants to be hung over at their own wedding.
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  • Thanks everyone! I don't know how the time went by...I've been engaged for over a year and now time is running out!!! I'm very excited about mailbox stalking. :0

    And I have no idea what possesed the boys to think it was a good idea...but I'm glad it's not up for consideration anymore!
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    Congrats on that HUGE check of getting the invites out!  I remember how involved that project was.....and it is very exciting now to do the 'mailbox stalking'.

    Very good move getting him to reschedule the bachelor party-----the night before is definitely a 'no no'.  Besides, that's usually when you do the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner with family.
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