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Which dress do YOU like best??

I love both of these dresses equally! My mom likes one my MOH likes the other, but both say "they are both beautiful, choose the one you like best" .... Well I have no clue so opinions PLEASE!!!!! ;) thanks

Dress A:

Dress B:

 and there is no freudian slips here people i just put them in order of which one i tried on first lol

Re: Which dress do YOU like best??

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    I like the 2nd one best. I like the neckline better.
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    They are pretty similar except for the pick-ups.  I am not a pick-up person so I would go with the 2nd.  But i like the top of the first one better so I might modify the top of the 2nd one.
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    I am not a fan of pickups either, but I like #1 the best. It has a more elegant look.
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    I like B best.  I'm not a fan of pickups.
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    I like the second one - elegant and beautiful!
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    I think it depends on you and your wedding.

    A seems much more formal. Are you having a more formal or laid-back wedding?

    How do you feel about the corset? The fabric? B seems more 'flowy.'

    Personally I think A is far too ornately beaded and it looks kind of old fashined (the beading). The skirt, though, is gorgeous.

    B is my preference, but only because I've personally considered both of them and it fits better with my wedding (smaller, more casual) and I want a softness and flowyness to my dress.

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    my wedding isn't really formal, and i am a busty so i love the corset idea of A but i love the skirt of B .... hmmmm New questions anyone know a dress with those too things combined?
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    B all the way.  Not a fan of pick-ups either.  I love the second dress.

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    Wow no very many people are a fan of pick-up's LoL. Personally, I LOVE pick-up's, every dress I tried on and liked had them so I'm biased. I like A. But you have to go with what YOU like best and compliment's your wedding style. Close your eye's and picture your wedding, which one do you see?

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    I love the pick ups too... I like the first dress best! Remember though, It's what you like. They're both gorgeous!
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    It looks like you still have quite a bit of time before your wedding. Maybe you can't choose because neither of these is "the one." I would keep looking instead of settling. I didn't cry or anything when I found mine, but my mom said I held myself differently in it, and I smiled the whole time.

    In these polls, the more expected, universally flattering dress tends to win, perhaps simply because there's nothing for people to dislike about it. I think B is very pretty, and it looks like it has some nice detailing in the bodice, and I personally like it better, but it's sort of expected too. If you're looking for something more unique then you should feel just as confident picking A. A is more formal, but not so much so that it would look awkward at a semi-formal event, and it looks like it would also be very flattering.
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    If you're busty, you might want to check out dresses with sweetheart necklines. I have big boobs, and I found that they were by far the most flattering on me.

    My dress is Essense of Australia, which I'd never heard of until I went to a trunk show. (I get to pick up my dress from the bridal shop tonight! YAY!) The thing I love about Essense is that all of their dresses come with either corset, or zipper -- you get to choose :)
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    2nd picture ;) Good luck!
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    I like the top of A and the bottom of B... That's a hard choice. I'm gonna go with... A!
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