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Beach Wedding Jewelry

Hi all, I have a really pretty, simple wedding dress for my upcoming Jamaica wedding, and I am wondering what kind of jewelry I should pair with my dress?  Since the dress is so simple, I am thinking a bolder necklace, or else no necklace at all?  I dont have the best fashion intuition, so I would appreciate any fashionista's advice!  I have attached a photo of my dress.

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    I'd keep it simple, since the style of the neckline doesn't really lend itself well to a big chunky necklace. A simple necklace and a flower in the hair would be the way to go, I think

    What about something you can wear as a keepsake of your beach wedding? I'm thinking along the lines of a charm like a shell or starfish.
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    I had a beach wedding and also a simple dress.  I wore a flower in my , drop pearl earrings and no necklace.  I just thought of it as simple elegance!

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    I'm with Opal.  I'm not seeing a chunky necklace with that dress at all.  I'm imagining something sweet, like a simple pendant necklace.  And I love the idea of a flower in your hair with that dress!
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    i agree with both chunky or too heavy necklace. Some flowers in your hair would look great! There are lots of ideas on that here on TK. The dress is really pretty and perfect for a beach wedding :)
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    I guess it matters what YOU want and the overall style of the wedding. What type of jewelery do you normally wear that says "YOU"? If you are drawn to jewelry that is big & makes a statement, then go with that. If you never wear jewelry and are insecure about your fashion sense, and the wedding style is elegant, then get something understated. 

    The dress does not have a lot of beading or emellishment on it, so you can go either way. If you want an idea of some bolder necklaces, check out Forever 21, H&M, young trendy stores. They are FULL of them right now because of the holidays. Smaller, elegant necklaces are at Claires, Icing, or any retailer actually. Because the trendy store's jewelry is really inexpensive ($10-$15 per necklace), you could buy one you love and wait until you have your dress if you don't have it yet. I'd caution you to downplay the earrings however, get simple studs or very small dangling gem with a bold necklace.

    You can check my bio below for the one I made for my reception, under the Photo albums, DIY Wedding Item link. I'm wearing a more understated necklace for my ceremony, as I have 2 different dresses.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks everyone!  I am definitely doing flowers in my hair, and I think maybe you guys are right...a simple necklace if any at all.  Chunky and bold would probably contract the relaxed and simple nature of our wedding.

    Thanks again for the help and great ideas!

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    if you're going to wear a necklace I would wear one with some color in it considering its a beach wedding. You want to keep the look beachy so I think a nice classy necklace with color would be perfect. Nothing too fancy.
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