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New Hampshire

DIY centerpieces - inexpensive glass vases: help!

Okay, so we're *planning* on doing our own centerpieces for our wedding (for the guest tables.  I think we're going to leave it to our florist to do the head table.)  I know for sure that I'm going to make my own mercury glass votives, and get both votives & candles from quickcandle.com.  I'm now looking for larger vases/hurricanes and we've gone to the Christmas Tree Shop, Walmart, and Dollar Tree, and I've done SO MUCH research online to try to find inexpensive glass to make into mercury glass.  I'm hesitant to try the craft stores (even with a coupon) because it's going to add up buying in bulk. 

Any suggestions??
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Re: DIY centerpieces - inexpensive glass vases: help!

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    Last year, Michael's ran sales and all of their glass vases were $1.99 each...we bought cases of them to take to our florist for the centerpieces.  I think it was in early April...so watch their sales (online on their website or in the newspaper).

    They had been regularly priced over $5 each, so $1.99 was really good---and no coupon/no limit.

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  • Check at Grennon's in Bedford. They normally give great deals and discounts on weddings and have all sorts of vases, fake flowers, etc.
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  • I absolutely second checking out Grenon Trading Co. in Bedford.  I bought my votive holders in bulk there.  They also could look into ordering something for you (that they don't carry) if you could commit to buying a good number of them. 

    If they don't have vases, check into other places.  I was able to order flower pots at a bulk price from Agway in Concord.  Because I could commit to buying a lot (75), they were willing to let me look through the catalogs, pick the ones I wanted, and order them for me. Always worth asking around :)
  • Also, if you're ok with them not matching, try looking at places like Goodwill or Salvation Army.  If you're painting them all the same, you could consider buying 'mismatched' glass containers. Just a thought! :)
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    I have some that I used plain as votive holdersat my wedding.  Not sure what size you're looking for, but they're in my bio and I'd be willing to sell them to you.  I just want them off my hands!
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