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Plus-size JUNIOR bridesmaid dresses?

My junior bridesmaid is 8 years old but is already at the largest size junior bridesmaid dress offered (girls' 14) in the style the bridesmaids will wear, and my wedding isn't until August of next year, so I'm sure she will have grown by then.  She can't wear a regular bridesmaid dress because the shape is all wrong for a girl her age -- I had her try on a couple of my old bridesmaid dresses and they just looked all wrong.  I need to find a junior bridesmaid dress in a large girls' size, hopefully like a GIRLS' size 18.
Currently, her measurements are: chest, 30.5 inches; waist, 29; hips, 31.5; hollow to hem, 42.5.  So she will need something bigger than that by next year.
Does anyone know of a place to find bigger or plus-size JUNIOR bridesmaid dresses?  Hopefully something I can view online...Thanks!
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Re: Plus-size JUNIOR bridesmaid dresses?

  • By that time next year she may fit better into a regular BM dress.  What style is the dress?  An empire waist dress might fit better. 

    I don't know where to find a plus size junior BM dress, but have you thought about just giving her a color and let her mom or someone find her any dress in that color?  I think it would be fine if she wasn't in the same dress as the BMs. 

    Or you might want to look into having the dress made for her.

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  • They do not make "plus size girls" . The only next option is junior sizes which are going to be found more likely in prom dresses/homecoming dresses. Bridesmaid dresses generally are in womens sizes.
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  • Actually, they do make "plus size girls".

    Check out department stores like JCP,  Kohl's, Sears, etc.  They usually carry girls' plus sizes (I know for a fact JC Penney carries up to an 18).  As long as you don't have your heart set on matching dresses (or actual "bridesmaid" dresses), you can usually find a cute party dress in a size that would fit her (although it could be more difficult to find one in your colors).

    She can probably fit into some juniors' sizes, so you could always check juniors' departments or stores like DEB, Dots, or Maurices (which usually carry both juniors' and juniors' plus, although I'm sure she's too small for juniors' plus).  These stores usually carry party/homecoming/prom dresses that you can use for BM dresses (in fact, my MOH has been practically begging me to let her get a dress from DEB for old times' sake, since we shopped for formals there in high school).

    Other stores I'd check out (though be sure to look for more modest styles!) are Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Plus-size JUNIOR bridesmaid dresses?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Actually, they do make "plus size girls". Check out department stores like JCP,  Kohl's, Sears, etc.  They usually carry girls' plus sizes (I know for a fact JC Penney carries up to an 18). 
    Posted by alehayes[/QUOTE]

    <div>Thanks!!  I never thought to look at those places.  I'm not too worried about colors at this point -- just want something that will fit her.</div><div>
    </div><div>Junior sizes are still much too long for her torso and aren't the right shape.</div>
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  • Ditto to JCP, Sears, Macys- I initially looked here for my junior bridesmaid- they have AWESOME dresses for those girls! I ended up picking a bridesmaid dress that actually had junior sizes associated with it- so we didn't end up getting the dept store dress- but you will be pleasantly surprised with what they have.
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  • I have beeon wondering the same thing! my  niece is 8, and also already a plus size girl. by the time i get married, i feel like she would be a lil old to be a flower girl, so i will prob have her as a junior bridesmaid. good suggestions!
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