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TOMS Wedding Shoes

I was just checking out the TOMS shoes website & noticed they have "wedding styles" Anyone on here done or plan on doing this?  I considered getting my BM's some instead of the flip flops norm. Thoughts?
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Re: TOMS Wedding Shoes

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    I have seen a lot of pictures of WP's wearing TOMS. I have some (non wedding) TOMS and I LOVE them.  I think it looks super cute! 
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    I was planning to buy silver glitter TOMS for my wedding party to change into for the reception!
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    They really are adorable. I just wish they made the wedding styles vegan.
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    My fiance and I are going to be wearing them. We are encouring the bridal party and guests to buy them too. A lot of my friends already have them. I just got my first pair today and I am in love. I plan on wearing the wedges with my dress to give me height. Why buy a pair of shoes you might only wear one time?
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    I plan on getting some ivory ones! I was going to wear flats anyway and when I saw the wedding TOMS I knew I had to get them :)
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