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Just bought my dress! Accessory assistance??

I feel like a crazy person - I have over a year until my wedding, but I bought my dress yesterday! I just have to brag... its originally $1200 and I got it for $480! Yes, I bought a sample but its a size 8 (I usually wear a size 4 pant) and it fits me PERFECT! I don't think many people tried it on because I found no damage on any of the beading, and the bottom wasn't even dirty like I expected it would be from dragging on the floor.

Here's the dress:

For my dress, the sash matches the color of the lace/beading instead of the contrasting color. Just curious on what you guys thought for a veil, shoes, accessories, etc that would match or look good. Its a champagne color with goldish looking accents but I usually hate gold colored jewelry. There are also some pearl decals on the dress so I figured I could tie that in some how..
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