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Wear white gold and yellow gold together??

Before Thanksgiving I was planning on the only jewelry I wore for my wedding to be my engagement ring (white gold) and a pearl necklace and earrings, however I got a surprise.
My fiance's aunt sent a gift for me which was FI's great-grandmothers aquamarine ring set in yellow gold. It is a familly heirloom and means a lot to everyone (it made it through WWII, made it to the US from Germany, and has been passed down from his great-grandmother, to his great-aunt, to his aunt that gave it to me)....
Long story short, I would love to wear it, but I don't want it to look weird since my engagament ring is white gold. Do you think it would tacky to wear them together, on separate hands of course?

Re: Wear white gold and yellow gold together??

  • My grandmother gave me a necklace that is bronze with a very small diamond that my mom, grandma, and great-grandmother wore on their wedding day. I am going to wear if even though my dress has silver beading and my engagement ring and wedding band are white gold.

    Apparently mixing metals is very in right now (according to the ladies on my board). Go for it!
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  • I vote go for it as well. I don't think it's at all tacky to mix metals in general, and it's definitely not when it's a gorgeous heirloom that has special significance for your fiancé's family! What a wonderfully sweet gift from them!
  • Some brides don't wear their engagement rings at all during the ceremony.  I wonder if you could wear the heirloom ring on your right hand and have the wedding band go on your left hand by itself? 
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  • Your e-ring doesn't need to match the rest of your accessories.  I think it would be very sweet to wear the heirloom ring.
  • Definitely ok to wear it!  I've seen more and more mixing of metals lately and especially in a situation where a family heirloom was offered! How cool! 
  • Agree with pp's go for it and wear the heirloom ring if that's what you want to do.
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  • I love love love mixed metals. Incredibly chic :-)
  • Did she send you the ring to keep?  Or just to wear for the wedding?  If she sent it to you to keep you could look into having it rhodium plated, which is all white gold is anyways.  That way you could wear it on a regular basis if you wanted.

    I think it would be completely fine to wear it though for your wedding even if you leave it as yellow gold.  I don't know about mixing the two golds heavily, but most people won't even notice that a ring you're wearing is different.
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  • Dnbeach - yes she sent it to me to keep. I didn't think about having it plated, but what a good idea. It is already too small and will need to be re-sized, which I checked with her to make sure she was okay with that, I might just ask her if it would be okay if i had it plated to match my other jewelry!

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I've decided that I am going to wear it either way since it is such an amazing gift for his family to offer to me! It is also aquamarine so I can use it as my something blue and/or something old!!

  • That is such an honor for her to give it to you :)  I think mixing metals is totally OK, and very trendy!
  • I think it's ok.  It's not like you're only going to wear silver colored jewelry for the rest of your life b/c your e-ring is white gold.
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