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Im thinking of having a pink or blue with chocolate wedding, however, i'm not sure what color the groom should wear? we are considering a spring wedding .,

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    What your groom wears should depend on the formality of your wedding and the time of day of the ceremony...  We got married at 2:30PM and had a formal reception.  My husband wore a "morning suit" - this is the equivalent of a daytime tux.  Pictures in bio.

    He did not match any of the wedding colors (champagne, ivory, and brown) as his suit was a couple of shades of gray, his shirt was white, and his tie was blue...  But he looked classic and timeless - I think matchy-matchy grooms make for prom-like pictures that will soon look dated.  

    Just my humble opinion ;)
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    My FI wont be matching the wedding colors either. He will be in a black tux. I agree with the pp that if the groom and groomsmen are all matchy it starts to look like prom pictures. Of course all attire depends on the formality of your wedding.
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    My FI will be wearing a black suit, black shirt, black vest, and white tie. He wanted to be different and so he picked that he wanted all black and I said no to all black and said what about all black but a white tie, so it was a compromise.  Our wedding is in the afternoon in the Spring. The groomsmen will be in the same all black with a coloured tie.  
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    My June wedding colors are purples, pinks, and chocolate brown...we are not having a formal wedding - more of a party - but I wanted the boys to be in dark chocolate brown tuxes (almost a brown/black) to avoid the sharpness black can have. They will have different color vests/ties than my FI to keep away from the match thing. We went last weekend to look and both HATED the brown tuxes we found. If you don't want pure black....we are thinking about a black pin-stripe tux. It doesn't look as dramatic as the black ones and seems to tone down the sharpness a bit. Best alternative I have found so far. Still looking though!
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