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New Hampshire

NH alcohol laws at the hotel

Does anyone know what the laws are for bringing alcohol onto hotel premises in NH?  The contract for my room block says specifically that guest cannot bring alcohol onto the premises or into the guest rooms per NH law.  This seems odd to me because I've been to a number of after-wedding parties/gatherings at NH an MA hotels and was able to bring beer in fine.  Does anyone know if this is actually enforced?

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Re: NH alcohol laws at the hotel

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    i think it differs per hotel.
    adventure suites in n. conway allows you to bring alcohol on premises, but they dont sell it and claim the law to be the reason...
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    I wonder if it has something to do with the hotel not having a liquor license.  I think it seems a bit odd, but maybe you could call the local police station and get the scoop?  Let us know if you find anything out.
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  • Gary599Gary599 member
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    You bring it in a cooler, and You cannot drink it outside your room.
    That solves most issues.

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    I would call the hotel (maybe anonymously?  "I'm thinking of renting a block of hotel rooms for an event and wanted to know your policy".  

    Sometimes, this tactic can work to your advantage.  You get the information that you need, yet they aren't then 'suspecting' you if they have a NO WAY alcohol policy.  
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    You can always put in in suitcases to bring it in and bring out the empty bottles.  Nobody will know unless you guys plan on getting real crazy.Cool
  • redsoxfan619redsoxfan619 member
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    I went to a wedding recently where the hotel was in Manchester NH (Holiday Inn) and people brought alcohol in and it was no problem. I hand carried a bottle of wine and my friend a 30 rack of beer lol. And they do not have a bar on site.
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    Most hotels, will let you bring it and consume it in your room, but not in the public spaces or meeting rooms. 
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