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Bridesmaid's Dress TOO Small! Help!

One of my bridesmaids just went to David's Bridal and found out she orderd a size that is too small!  The dress has since been discontinued from DB and they don't have any in the size she needs in the same color as the other dresses. My wedding is in two months.... Does anyone have suggestions for resale sites, or other places to look for the dress?


Re: Bridesmaid's Dress TOO Small! Help!

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    eBay has a thriving secondary market for DB bridesmaid dresses.  I'd look there first.
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    Can you take her dress to a seamstress and see if they can do a corset back instead of zipper?  This obviously depends on if it's possible with the style/material of the dress purchased, but it is an option...
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    Ditto bringing it to a seamstress.. I just went through a similar situation and learned that a lot of bridesmaid dresses (mine was Alfred Angelo) have a "seam allowance," which is some fabric hidden on the lining.  The fabric can be used to take the dress out a size or two. 

    If not, check out the TK Classifieds and Ebay for previously worn dresses.   I'd also try calling a few other David's that are driving distance from you... one may have a sample dress that they can sell off the rack.
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    Yes -- -take to a seamstress first!  If one fo your other bridesmaids happens to need any material cut from the bottom (a hem!) ask them to save the material. If the dress has side seams (most do), then a good seamstress can add gussetts to the sides using the material from another's dress.  No one will notice the dress is slightly differnent, since the gussetts are pretty undetectable compared to a "corset" back that stands out from the others.

    (You might also still be able to order that fabric from Davids by the yard, or a shawl in the same material to make the gussetts if another bridesmaid does not need a hem!)

    Happy wedding!
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    When that happened to me, I picked up a sash from DB in the same material/color.  I took the gown and the sash to my seamstresses who was able to add a panel to the back of the dress.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:15Discussion:e4c5148a-cc31-484c-9a35-8aedbf0f7614Post:4f7a9a3e-731e-4c2e-825e-feebf8e8c626">Re: Bridesmaid's Dress TOO Small! Help!</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Bridesmaid's Dress TOO Small! Help! : That's really clever of you.  Is it just me or is this a really common theme to DB? Do they keep anything in stick past a month? 
    Posted by Harry87[/QUOTE]

    Personally I hate David's Bridal, they do carry bridesmaid styles that date back to before 2007, however a lot of the gowns that "move" are often the gowns they discontinue promptly. I'm not even a fan of their colors, although they offer the same 'colors' in a lot of gowns, I was in a wedding where bridesmaid gowns were ordered about four months apart from each other and the colors were off! The one gown was much darker regardless of the fact it was the same exact style, fabric and actually the same exact size..
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