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What color shoes for bridesmaids? They are wearing long navy dress and short navy dress

My color are navy and ivory.  Should they wear ivory shoes?

Re: What color shoes for bridesmaids? They are wearing long navy dress and short navy dress

  • Thats why I am asking...I am not sure what color shoes.

    We are trying to keep the color uniformed - however not the style, of the shoe, etc.

    Yes I am dictating them (being sarcastic..duh)
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    Some brides do dictate what shoes their BM's wear and then buy them for them, so that wasn't a sarcastic question.

    Anyway, I think ivory would look ok, white/black usually look the best. I looked up navy bridemaid pictures in google images and it seems like most are wearing black or white shoes.
  • Silver or gold.

    Bleh, not ivory. Their shoes only need to coordinate with their own outfits, not match your wedding color palette.

    If you wore a navy dress to a social function, what color shoes would YOU pair with it?
  • I would probably wear them w silver shoes.

  • I would definitely go with a silver shoe. That way they can easily wear them at other events, parties, and weddings, well after your wedding is over! I told my bridesmaids that I would like them to find silver shoes in whatever style they prefer.
  • I agree with silver.  My BM are wearing sapphire blue dresses with silver shoes and I saw the combo and it looks great!  I am sure the same would hold true for navy.
  • I agree w/ silver!
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  • The only color I think you can do with Navy is silver.
  • I also have Navy dresses. We're getting married at Caesars Palace in Vegas so we are doing a Grecian theme. The girls have silver, gold, and bronze headbands. They are wearing metallic shoes to match their colored headband.
  • My colors are navy and ivory as well, and the guys are wearing khaki suits. My bridesmaids are wearing champagne-colored shoes, which we all decided looked best with the navy dresses, as well as the khaki suits. I originally wanted them to wear pink shoes, but since their bouquets are pink I thought that would be a little much. 
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    My bridesmaids are wearing silver/glitter shoes.  They look great with the dresses! With navy and ivory colors and a damask accent, what should the grooms wear?
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  • No absolutely ivory!!! I saw a picture of that scheme and it was so classy and beautiful.... and complementary to the bride!  I have black dresses and totally considering ivory shoes because of that one picture!  Its not too matchy matchy but so pretty with white flowers, pearls, etc.
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