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At home steamer?

My gown is satin with a tulle overlay and has lots of embroidery.  It's a tight fitted dress but definitely needs to be steamed.  Any recommendations on a steamer I can use at home?  I don't need to travel with the dress, so the steamer does not need to be small.  Any suggestions?

Re: At home steamer?

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    I strongly urge you to leave steaming to a professional.

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    doesnt your bridal store do that for you?
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    I would check with a dry cleaner, they usually do steaming. However, if you want a steamer I would suggest the haan steamer. I have one for our everyday work clothes and I absolutely love it. I haven't tried it on a wedding dress, but for what I have used it on, it works well.
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    My seamstress told me i should steam mine myself, from the inside or underneath part of the dress, so i think i might do that. She said it's not worth getting it done, when it's quite simple and she showed me how to do it right
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    I've had so much bad luck with my seamstress that I am honestly haunted that someone else is going to mess my dress up again.  I'm actually in the process of fixing it myself by taking off applique and covering her horrible hem job that she did at my knees (thank goodness I'm an avid sewer).  I don't trust them to even steam it now!  I feel like if I take it somewhere and have a stranger do it, they just don't care because it's not their dress.  I'm probably just being too pessimistic, but I've lost so much sleep over my dress already, I find it hard to trust anyone to do what I need.  I've also heard horror stories about "steam jobs" in which an iron hole was left in a dress so the girl had to buy a new dress.  I guess I should maybe take it to a store that ONLY steams wedding dresses and hopefully the would be better at it?
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