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Color to match Marine Dress Blues?

My Fiance is a Marines and I'm looking for colors to match his Marine blue.  I'm thinking gold or a pearly silver but also looking for another color that will match both the gold or silver and the blue.  Any ideas?  I'm trying to stay away from red.

Re: Color to match Marine Dress Blues?

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    cukimerrydollcukimerrydoll member
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    gold, pearl, champagne... the lighter neutrals definitely.

    But if you need real color in your life?  Jewel tones would look lovely - think deep purples and dark teals. 
    Purples because a lot of the Class A uniforms have the red accents, but stay on the red side of purple - more like a red grape/raspberry color.
    Teals... because I've seen it done.  I can't explain why, but it looks great.

    My FH was in the Air Force, and one of our closest friends is a Marine, so I know exactly what you're talking about.

    I colored up the text, because I know we have a debate in my house on what "teal" really is... and I wanted to make sure. Laughing
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    Why not do a gold and black or silver and black wedding? I thinkt the black and silver would be beautiful together.
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    the great thing about military dress uniforms is that they're considered neutrals on their own.

    so... whatever color you want!

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