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New Hampshire

Does anyone know about sprinkles?

My friend is having a second child.  She is due in a few months and I am the god mother.  A few people have asked if I'm throwing a baby shower for her.

When I brought that up to her when she first asked me she said that it was stupid to have a shower so close to her first child who will be 2 at the time and people would think its weird to be invited to another shower.

Has anyone ever been to a "sprinkle"?  The ones who talk about it say you invite close friends and family and just write on the invitation bring something fresh for the new baby or something like that.

Does anyone have ideas on where to throw one or any input on the topic in general? 

I don't have a ton of money to spend and her first shower she had 75 people in a restaurant.  That I can not match that.

Re: Does anyone know about sprinkles?

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    I'll be honest here.  IMHO, I think second showers are sort of tacky.  Especially since she still has a little one and probably still has all the 'necessaties.'  It just seems a little gift-grabby to me.  I say save yourself the aggravation and just buy her a nice gift if you really want to do something for her.
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    You shouldn't try to match it. Basically, a sprinkle is just a cute way of asking people to come together to celebrate the impending new addition. I would be very careful, with wording etc. Some people (mostly of the older generation) will be offended or think it's tacky. A sprinkle is a bit of a "new" thing. I think every baby should be celebrated! Maybe you could do something cute like instead of gifts, ask them to bring a book, or a diaper party. I would keep it VERY small, and make it more of a luncheon honoring the mom. It's really an excuse to have a party =) Don't stress! It;s supposed to be fun!
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    I have never heard of a "sprinkle." But I agree with Carly, I think second baby showers are on the tacky side too. I understand its a new baby and all, but where she has a young child already, I'm sure she has everything she needs for the most part. People usually give gifts when they visit new babies anyway. If some close family and friends want to buy her gifts, I am sure they will do so without having to go to a shower of any sort. Buy her something nice, of give her a gift card so she can buy what she actually needs. Just my opinion!
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    We actually just did this, and I'd never heard of it before.  It was for a girl on my team for my second job.  It's her second baby, she already has a 3 year old boy, and people really just wanted a reason to get together and have fun before she has the second baby. It was also more of a "spoil the mom" party.  As much as second showers can be seen as tacky (for the most part, I agree), there are always things parents need: diapers, blankets, bottles, bibs, etc.  We got her tons of the basics, as well as gift certificates to get her nails done, a pedicure, etc.  Just small stuff that she can look forward to using later. She appreciated everything.  She had a boy first, now she's having a girl, so no, she can't use everything she had before, so we made sure she got some girl stuff too. 
    We did it in a community room at a hall down the street from where she lives. The rental was free, we just paid a $100 set up charge (we all chipped in on that, so it was less than $5 each), and we all brought food (the hostess assigned us each a category of food to bring). The hostess brought the plates, cups, napkins and plastic silverware, and another girl did the decorating.  None of us spent more than $35-40 each on gifts  (I spent less, about $25) and we had a fantastic time and the mom really appreciated it. 
    It's definitely do-able and if done for the right reasons with the right crowd, not tacky....or bank breaking.
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    Thank you!  Its just me throwing in so I have to find a place I can afford which is hard in the area that she lives.  Thank you for the ideas.  She says one thing and means the other because she never wants to put people out.  Knowing her family and other friends I feel like she really wants something. 

    This is a start ;)
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    great idea - maybe the guests could bring babysitting coupons to be redeemed in the future!
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    I completely disagree with those that call sprinkles "tacky". I will say that you only get one BIG baby shower extravaganza however, it is very common for friends and family to want to honor a new life and a second time Mom. This is not a huge event and I think it is awesome that you want to do this for your friend. It's especially perfect for a Mom who is having the opposite sex the 2nd time around. I agree with the ladies who have said to keep it small and frills free. I would even be careful with what you call it. Sprinkle is great! GL
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