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ornament favors! help please !!

My wedding is December 22nd and im thinking of doing the clear ornaments as favors but im stuck on what to put inside? what are some good ideas of an ornament filler ???i really need help please and thank youu

Re: ornament favors! help please !!

  • We did placecard holders, they are filled with styrofoam "snow" pieces. If you're buying the clear Micheals ornaments you could fill it with those thin aluminum colored paper pieces in your wedding colors.
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  • Colored tulle that matches your wedding colors. Do alternating colors. It'd be cheap & Cute!
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    I was going to say tinsel, but I like the tulle idea much better, and it's probably even cheaper than tinsel.  I know Hobby Lobby has rolls of tulle 50% off pretty often.
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  • What about glitter? You could do your wedding colors? Put a little glue inside and roll it around, and then put the glitter in and shake to cover the whole inside? I've seen some cool marble techniques on Pinterest too =)
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  • I bought snowflake ornaments from Target last year after Christmas.  Normally they were 4/$1 but I got them half price, so each ornament was about 13 cents.  I am putting them in little cellophane baggies and sealing them with a sticker from Vistaprint that has our names  and wedding date.

    Bonus is I will be delegating this to my MIL since she is dying to do something wedding-related.
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