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Lilac Blossom in Nashua? OR Any other location in Nashua

Hello Ladies,
We are looking for a location to have our rehearsal dinner in Nashua.
We are on a very small budget (under $800) for 25 guests.
We have looked into Lui Luis but they do not allow a Friday night rehearsal dinner.
We have looked into the chain restaurants but they either don't have the room for us or will not do anything on a Friday night. Villa Banca (i think that's what it's called) is out of our price range. I found a cool looking indian restaurant but many of our guest do not like indian food. I finally asked my contact at our wedding location and she said that she highly recommends the Lilac Blossom. Can anyone provide feedback on this location or any other rehearsal dinner location in Nashua?

Re: Lilac Blossom in Nashua? OR Any other location in Nashua

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    did you try Valentinos?  Hudson--just across the river from Nashua, exit 2 off of Rt. 3.  The function room is $250 to reserve and includes a bar.  They have several options from appetizers only to full dinner buffet.  The function room manager is Madeline Dahl. (603) 76503478.
    Food is yummy--siminlar to vila blanca.
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    I had dinner at Valentino's last night, and they are pretty good (not sure about pricing, but prev. post makes it sound good!).  I would think Lilac Blossom would be pretty pricy. 

    You could try for Martha's Exchange, maybe Margarita's?, or Estabrook Grill (in the Tree Streets, but I've heard great things about their food and they have a function room).  Good luck!

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    Martha's & Estabrook Grill are both great ideas.  Even though Estabrook is in a sketchy area the place is really nice.

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    We had ours at Martha's.  It was ok, but the speakers don't work (so no music) and the food is pretty typical fare.  I find the Lilac Blossom to be delicious.  I've been twice in the last two weeks  haha....  Anyway, Margarita's could also work too!  Good luck!
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    I had my shower at Margarita's in Nashua and my mom said it was $1,000 to have the room reserved and bar and food for 80 people. Not sure what their regulations are regarding functions, but they may be willing to swing something in your budget. Also, Valentino's is fabulous. My cousin did his rehearsal dinner here (on a Friday) for about 50 people. Hope you find something awesome! GL!
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    Lilac Blossom is very yummy, but could be pricey.  We're considering Shorty's on Exit 6.  As weird as it sounds, it's a fun place and the food is really good.  All freshly made mexican food and they are very flexible with their menu items.   A really nice bar selection as well ...
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