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hmmm...and RSVP's :) I was just wondering....will all of a sudden people remember to send in thier RSVP's this week so I do not have to call 49 people?  I sure hope so.  :)

My RSVP date is November 2nd out of 77 I have gotten back 29.  I am going to not call for another week or so after the RSVP date but I was just wondering if this was normal or do I just have lazy friends (HAHA LOL! J/K.)

Re: hmmm...and RSVP's :)

  • Not sure if its normal but I'm in the same boat. My RSVP's aren't due for another week but out of 30 I've gotten back 2... :s Hopefully they start pouring in to save us the hassle of all that calling!
  • I am in the same boat. We still have 49 out and our RSVP date is the 3rd as well. Really crappy thing is that several of those 49 people are actually part of the wedding party and have been through the wedding planning process so they know how important it is..... 

    Oh well... I am going to wait to call until the 10th (like you) just to give a couple of people the benefit of the doubt. 

  • I was ranting about this last night! We have received 60/160 and I just keep thinking ok... I sent it to you in a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope.  All you have to do is write a number and mail it, so I'm trying to think of a reason that people have not mailed it in yet and then I remember there is no reason :)  I feel your pain for those who have had their own weddings/part of the wedding party, many who I thought would RSVP right away because they know the process haven't.
    I agree with you all, I do not want to have to call so many people!!!!!
  • We haven't even sent our invites out yet :-/  

    BUT...we are having a small wedding (50-75) and everyone knows when our wedding is...the invitation is really a formality.  I am mailing them out today though and I"m sure I'll be ranting about RSVP's soon enough!  Where do y'all get the RSVP tickers?
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  • My RSVP date isn't until November 16th, but right now I have 161 guests that responded out of 457, but I'm not sure exactly how many RSVP cards that it, since more than one guest was usually on each one.

    I wouldn't worry until the actual RSVP date though.  I used to always wait until the last minute to send back my RSVP-not sure why, I would just let it sit there until I thought, "okay, I guess I can send it now since the due dates coming up."  Now, after BEING the bride, I will always send back my RSVP very quickly because I was so excited about those early RSVP's I got!
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  • So far I have 34/158 RSVPs in and I agree the wait is annoying. Especially for people in the bridal party and close family. We keep getting FB messages that people are coming but I still remind them to RSVP. Hopefully the week they are due they will all come in!
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    I was wondering this as well, we got back 15/150 the first week and since then it's been maybe 1 a day. Hope they start coming in! I have had 2 people call me and then ask if they should still send it, I paid for the stamp so I tell them might as well lol
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