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Pre wedding parties?


Re: Pre wedding parties?

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Pre wedding parties? : It is all about the feel of the night. Or RD was kind of formal like the wedding, but still a clambake type buffet reception with booze. You have to know your crowd and we know people were coming for the party so we accomodated. To this day I have not heard a sinlge person talk about my RD over the wedding, so that is not the issue. I strongly think most people can seperate the two, kwim?
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    Yep.  I hear you.  Our wedding/reception are going to be completely different from what he's planning, so I'm not too worried about it.  Except that the guest's out of control. 
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    Im looking forward to all of it!
    Its a year away, we are going to Vegas for a girl's weekend out Next August.
    I dont expect all WP members to go, especially if they can afford it. I have been blessed with alot of very close girlfreinds. Not all of them are in wedding but I still love them. My gals are the type to do as much for me as I have done for them, throwing bridal showers bach parties and baby showers, its how we roll :)
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    We didn't have an engagement party because we knew we'd have a ridiculously long engagement, our families were all spread out, and we had just moved to New Orleans so we didn't know anyone.

    So far as I know, there are no showers planned for the same reasons, except switch New Orleans to Kansas City.

    My MOHs are in process of planning my bachelorette party, but they are both OOT so who knows what we're doing. I dropped some hints to one of them that I'd like something different, like a pole dancing class or something, and dinner. No "last night of freedom" omfjfjdsI have to get so drrrrruuuunksjaldjsa!! for me!

    We'll be having a huge rehearsal lunch which is more of a pre-wedding picnic. We'll do the rehearsal from noon-1 w/ just those involved in the ceremony, and then other guests will arrive at 1pm and we'll have a BBQ. We're expecting about 75 people. Should be chaotic but fun.

    I'm kind of sad about the whole shower thing, simply because I feel like it's another way to get your friends and family together. I don't plan on getting married all that often so this is kind of like a now-or-never thing.

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    I won't have any showers unless someone is planning one at work. they haven't mentioned it, though. My 4 best girlfriends here have offerred to do something, and inviite the other 4 in-town female guests. I have no idea what they are planning, but I thought it might be nice to have dinner and drinks and watch stupid movies.. like a slumber party. However, one has a 9 month old, and another one is due to have her baby any time now. I'm not so sure the slumber party will happen sans babies, but I wouldn't be mad if the babies came too. 

    Our parents haven't met each other yet, so we are doing a really nice lunch the day before the wedding with all 3 sets of parents and my sisters and BIL. Then we may have a rehearsal so I can go over timing of music with my sisters and get the kiddos prepared. We are planning on bringing pizza, beer and soda to the hotel where people are staying and using one of their conference rooms for a VERY casual RD/ getting to know people/ family reunion thing. 

    Like Pridee, I don't care about the gift giving aspect, I'd just like more excuses to spend time with the people I love and eat awesome food. 
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    I didn't have anything. An engagement party was pretty much out of the question -- I actually had never heard of them until I joined TK. Around here moms and/or sisters tend to throw both baby and wedding showers (but at a restaurant/party center, not at their home, I have never been to an at home wedding shower in my life), but my mom didn't want to because we don't have a lot of family/friends in the area so instead she spent the money she and my sister would have used for the shower on a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card for us. For my "bachelorette party" we went out to a few bars, but they were in Akron not Cleveland and so we were basically the only people in them. And our rehearsal dinner had 15 people at it. >__<
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    My family is really into pre-wedding parties.  I had a very large engagement party (about 100-125 people) and I will probably have 2 bridal showers and a pretty sizeable bachlorette party.  I will admit to being a bit of an attention hoar.  I don't mind being the center or the focus of an event (FI hates being the focus so more time for me j/k).  I'm very excited for the bridal shower my family is throwing for me.....its going to be about 50-60 women at one of my fav restaurants.  My mom and I didn't feel right placing that financial burden on someone else and since my MOH is my sister my mother and I are going to mainly pay for the bridal shower.  I'm not enthused at all for my second bridal shower.  I don't want it and I don't want to go.  My FMIL (who hates me and taunts me about my weight, appearance, level of intelligence and the fact that she wanted FI to marry the next door neighbor) is insisting on throwing one for her side of the family.  I'll be drinking and taking a shitton of valium that day.

    I'm beyond pscyhed for my bachlorette.  I like to drink.....I like to drink even more riding around in a hot pink hummer limo!!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Pre wedding parties?</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Pre wedding parties? : I hear you. We had 125 at the wedding so the RD was definitely ridiculous. That was fine with Mike and I but it is not for everyone. I have heard over and over on here - don't make you RD into a wedding, but it truly was a differenet feel. My friends just love to party so it was like any other night for us really...
    Posted by MeaghanandMichael[/QUOTE]

    We're going to be inviting around 110.  Our thinking is that people will be paying a lot of money to stay in Newport for a weekend in the summer, so hosting another dinner is the least we can do.  We're having a pretty casual dinner (plus open bar) so I think it will work out well.  Thanks for making me feel slightly less ridiculous.
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