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Perhaps this is a Nest thing.  Perhaps I am way behind in observing it.  However, I am judging by the poster's typical stick-up-the-a*s personality, that she made a wonderful Freudian slip."Whoreheartedly" in place of "wholeheartedly"Please don't burst my bubble and tell me that this is sooooo last year.

Re: New word

  • I haven't seen it before, and I agree whoreheartedly that it's a fantastic word.


  • jbloomjbloom member
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    I like it.  It makes me think "hooker with a heart of gold"
  • This word is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.


  • I agree with you whoreheartedly that this word is awesome.
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • I think people are so riled up about the topic of debate that nobody has caught it.  With that damn "quote" feature, she is quoted like 15 times, but it is all on topic. I wanted to post, "Looky!  Looky!  She made a funny!" However, 1) I make it a habit to not post on the Nest, and 2) it didn't seem to have a place in a heated debate about governmental funded maternity leave.
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