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Re: confressions?

  • When Lorne is giving me directions I often get, "Turn, your other left."


  • My group of friends deals with this by saying "Bang a Nicki" or "Bang a Mike" (meaning, turn to the side that person is on) or simply "Mimi!" (which means straight, because my friend's car at the time was named Mimi. Now we replace it with whatever the car's name is)

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  • I used to bite my toenails.
  • I can do left and right but have no concept of North, South, East, and West.  If I'm not familiar with a route, it takes me several minutes to right myself after leaving the subway.
  • Mr M's the one who does this. Sometimes teh conversation is pretty much like Vinny's except he goes straight instead of turning at all. "No, right!" "I am!" "No, we just went straight through the intersection." I have no idea how that happens.

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  • I feel so much better that I'm not the only one with this affliction.  Interestingly enough, I have no problem whatsoever with the N, S, E, W thing.  Tell me to meet you on the NW corner of 15th and 8th and I'm there.
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  • I know my left from my right, but I have to think about it for a second and that's just too hard while driving.  I prefer pointing.  I'm completely hopeless with North and South.  I can usually figure out East and West if I know where I am in reference to Highway 26 (the one I take to go to the beach) because I can remember that the sun sets in the west.  But it'll take me another 5 minutes to then figure out North or South based on that.
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  • Me too November! We are direction twinsies. If we're driving and you say "head north on Main," it's no problem. "Left on Main" causes confusion.


  • I'm with moo- I've totally walked the wrong direction so as not to appear a lost tourist. I also have trouble with N S E W since moving to CA. Even though I've been here a total of 10 years, I still get confused because growing up the ocean was always on your right when going north.
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  • I would be honored. I don't see you going to AA, though...
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  • Quick Christin, make Fenton a mechanics bracelet. I know many people who are directionally challenged. I usually give them my teacherly advice, look at your hands & find the L for left (pointer & thumb form L). Often the right hand becomes the "smack self in forehead" hand for forgetting learning that in Kindergarten. I'm not great at the N-S-E-W thing but can usually figure it out after a few minutes. I have walked the wrong direction after getting out of the subway a few times though. My favorite part of teaching Social Studies was Map Skills at the beginning of the year when I make them all close their eyes and point north 99% of them point towards the ceiling. When I ask to name a place north I usually get "Canada" but they are confused when I ask if I can climb a ladder to get there. Actually my favorite part may be telling this story to adults and seeing how many think that "up" is the correct answer.
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  • I don't drive with my husband as passenger anymore.  he made one too many comments about my driving and now I just refuse to do it. It allows me to drink at all family gatherings and he knows it's his own fault for being a smartass.
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