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  • Tara- Do you take your kid trick or treating or just to McDonalds? I thought your were annoyed with your OB/GYN because they recommended a hysterectomy and then you became pregnant? I can't even keep up these days. I went to Babies R Us yesterday and I thought of Car's mom. There was a onesie that said "Sloppy Kisser". I thought it was weird and for some reason it made me think she would like it. Her and the girls that wanted to name her baby something to make her son get laid.  
  • I don't think I could drive in a city like NYC or Chicago, etc. without hyperventilating.  I can handle the "big cities" here in Texas, the traffic sometimes sucks a bit (I realize our traffic is probably laughable to some), but I can handle a little bit of gridlock on the highway.  I still can't function well driving in downtown, though, and I've lived here for over 5 years now.  There are too many foffing one way streets and I have a horrible sense of directionBasically, those of you who drive in Chicago and similar cities have balls of steel.  You're like superheros
  • I lived in Seattle without a car for a couple years. The bus system was decent for getting to school and work, but if I didn't have friends/a boyfriend with a car it would have been much worse for doing fun things. The night bus is skeery.


  • I'm sorry Audrey...I can totally see having those feelings, even though everything worked out okay in the end.Moo, if it makes you feel any better, I can drive anywhere on the planet, except Boston.  Boston freaks me out and I've NEVER not gotten lost when driving there (and I lived in the Boston area for 4 yrs in college).
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  • Winged just made diet coke go up my nose.

    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • Also, Vicki -  I'm sure your H's comment was out of insecurity, and I'm sure he'll come around. You're beautiful no matter what you decide to do.


  • Vicki, seeing a loved one change (esp. their weight/appearance)  can  be something that brings out a lot of insecurities in people. I'm sorry he's feeling that way at the moment.
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  • Kamkazi, we take him trick or treating as well. We just go to McDonald's for the contest b/c the prizes are savings bonds. He won second place last year. Then TOTing after. I get him a toy and he gets that in place of his candy. When he gets older I'll let him keep some of the candy but for now I think he's too little.  And no, I'm annoyed with my own body for being such a PITA.  I'm young, I shouldn't be having these kinds of problems.
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  • I didn't mind driving in NYC. It wasn't as horrible as I felt it would be. LA was more of a disaster. Never again.
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  • My sister's boyfriend was afraid she'd dump him when she got her braces taken off.  He dreaded the day.  Oddly enough, she did dump him soon after.  But that was because he was an idiot who made her refer to him as "her god".
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  • A girl I went to high school with, 2 grades below mine, died from H1N1 yesterday. I confess that seeing a brazillion FB messages that say "praying for Jamie's family" is really getting under my skin. It seems like people who don't even know the girl are finding ways to associate themselves with her for the sake of attention from their FB friends. One girl in particular has whored out the bad news as if Jamie was her own child.It is sad though. The quickness that the flu took over her was astounding.
  • why take him trick or treating if he can't have the candy?  I understand limiting the amount they are allowed to have, but not letting him have ANY?  what's the point?
  • I've never minded city driving. I'd rather drive into Boston most of the time, we live like 15 mins outside of the city, but it would take nearly 45 on the T to get to most places.
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  • Fallin, I think a bunch of people here know who he is.  He is someone I met through work.
  • I am starting Clomid next cycle. I am scared. I'm worried about the side effects and all, but I'm mostly scared that it won't work.
  • Oh, him. Gotcha.  
  • I DO let him have a piece or two right after, but none to keep. That's what I meant.  He likes going door to door and knocking and walking around with his friend Wyatt.
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  • throw it away?  or eat it all yourself?  how does that work
  • I got re-accepted to Vet School and chickened out and didn't go and I think I'm re-applying again in the spring.  I haven't told my family I was accepted or that I am re-applying.  I would have to move 4 hours away and while a new start sounds awesome and all, I feel like I'm to old.
  • I say go for it, Eville!I'm eating leftover turkey chili from last night, and I just discovered a bag of fritos in my desk drawer that I'd forgotten about. JACKPOT!!! 
  • Well last year there wasn't much of a "haul" as it was raining but Rich ended up eating most of it.  This year I think I'm going to take it to work and give it to my girls when they're on good behavior if there's a bunch of it.
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  • that still seems really cruel to me
  • my dad always stole my reece's cups. now, that was cruel.
  • ha! yeah, I remember my mom would pick through all my candy for her favorites as soon as I got home.  Once I got old enough to understand what she was doing I fought her on it a bit.  And my brother is 7 years younger so I got a few years of negotiations in that were heavily in my favor, which was nice.  Ahhh memoriesSee what you're stealing from your child, Tara?  You should be ashamed of yourself
  • How old are "your girls"?

    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • she counsels troubled teens, right? 
  • So, how do you councel young girls laying down all day with your bedrest you posted about?
  • Wing-ed, she is quite the enigma
  • If I was a troubled teen that was being counseled by Tara I would have some serious issues with authority.
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