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  • Metamucil is teh awesome and not just for preggos.
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  • Coffee.  Works like a charm.  I don't have it very often, but when things need to move, it is my surefire solution.  And worth the jitters from caffeine since I've pretty much weaned myself off it at this point.
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  • coffee used to work for me, but not so much anymore.  I do have this really awesome herbal tea that I got at WF though.  It's called....wait for it....Smooth Move. HA!  And it works like a charm
  • I clogged right up when I got pregnant too. Try the Fiber One yogurt and granola bars, they're tasty and they've got a shitton (literally!) of fiber. And also, I really didn't enjoy pregnancy either. I'm excited about having another kid at some point, but not really looking forward to 9 months of pregnancy again.


  • Not being able to poop has just made me rethink the whole TTC within a few years thing.
  • Just wait for the first poop after delivering the baby.  Torture.
  • My in-laws came over to help with the baby this afternoon and give me a chance to go to the store, etc. Not only have they caused me more work than they've helped, my MIL laughed when Jane threw up and did not offer any assistance. My confession: I'm mad at S for guilting me in to having them over when I told him this would happen. I'm really starting to dislike my in-laws. Ok so more of a rant than confession but I am stuck in my bedroom pumping while they overstimulate my kid.
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  • I dislike pregnancy. 
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  • I am starving.  I need to go home and eat a black bean burrito so I can have a food baby.
  • Just wait for the first poop after delivering the baby. Torture.It was worse than giving birth. Seriously.We should have gotten this all out yesterday for butt confession Thursday.


  • I suspect that I poop during the week and not the weekends partially because of all the water I drink at work.  I think I can't poop unless I'm well hydrated.
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  • I have a confession. I ate taco bell for lunch instead of a nice healty leftovers. I still feel guilty 3 hours later. Taco bell is the debil.
  • I ran off the road on my trip today. I was grabbing my sunglasses and I just went off the shoulder. When I got back on I overcompensated and ran off the other side bad. It was so quick and terrifying I have no idea what happened. The confession part is that, even though I know it was 100% my fault, I'm pissed at my mom. First becase she made me stop at my grandparents' house last night, which is why I was driving today. And second because she was going so fast on a two lane road with no shoulder (I was following her). I told her before we left that I don't like to drive fast and I didn't know the way, but she was gong freaking 70 on country roads. I'm fine, my car is prett much fine, and the people whose yard I went in wouldn't take more than $10 so I should be ecstatic. But I'm pissed at myself and pissed at her. It's not helping that she had to stop at wal mart for "a few things" and is now taking her BP at the freaking pharmacy. I just want to get home. Also I'm strongly considering buying a shirt from Miley Cyrus's line at wal mart. I think I can resist though.

    The nerve!
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  • Just wait for the first poop after delivering the baby. true, I cried it hurt so bad. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. OUCH
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  • I'm home along for the first time since we moved here in July and I am a bit freaked out. The night we moved in someone tried to break in, also a first for me. I may not sleep tonight in spite of being up since 5.
  • Oh man, I think the 1st post pregnancy poop is worse than childbirth itself.  And I definitely 10000000% recommend Colace for you plugged up preggos.  Sweet sweet colace.
  • that's so scary, SB, I'm glad you're okay!  and you better have resisted that Miley Cyrus shirt or I'll have to mark you off my list of awesome
  • I was blessed, my first postpartum poo was easy peasy.
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  • Me too Kristen!  I feel blessed.
  • I resisted Shamwow. I went so far as to try it on, but I just kept thinking about "it's Miley!" and I couldn't do it. I comforted myself by believing that Max Azria designed the shirt I liked and Miley designed the pleather leggings and fringe vests.

    The nerve!
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  • Dude, seriously. Stop thinking I'm "lying" you're just making me laugh... HARD. I'm on modified bedrest, meaning I have restrictions but can still do some of the things I normally do. Since my job isn't physically strenuous and I only work 3 days a week, I can still work per my doc's instructions :)
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  • Let's play Go Fish!  with all your tragedy cards, Tara.Do you have any My Mom had Cancers?
  • Go Fish!!
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