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Snarky Brides


I'm planning my BFF's Bacholerette party  (I'm MOH)i. Do I have to involve other BM's in the planning?

One of the BM's just emailed me regarding it and if I was planning something. I told her I was planning on maybe having us go downtown and doing gifts/ appetizers in a private area of one restaurant, dinner at another and dessert at a 3rd. Do you girls think that sounds ok? My BFF doesn't really drink..or do clubs or bars...

Anyways, other BM wrote back that her and a 3rd BM had been talking about whether or not they should throw a shower today and if I was planning one. She also said she likes the idea of going to a private area and doing gifts even though she's never done that (WTF does that even mean??) but she's worried we will have too many people to go multiple places. All the places are within short walking distance of eachother and last time I talked to the bride it would only be like 10 people.

So... basically, can I just do whatever the hell I want? As long as I think the bride would like it? Or am I supposed to check with/ involve the BM's? Do my plans sound okay?
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