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Hey everyone. Im Krystle.. Im new to this site and figured I would give a lil intro..  Im already married but renewing my vows Dec 28 2011... My hubby proposed to me in 09 and 2 weeks after I was done paying on my dress I found out I was pregnant so needless to say it did not fit on my wedding day... I being pregnant and really stressed from trying to plan a wedding on my own became the real deal bridzilla on an emotional breakdown so my hubby and I decided to call up our parents and have a private wedding... It was sweet and to the point however I didnt wear MY DRESS..  Our son turned 1 this month and joking around I tried on my dress and it fit so my hubby turned around and proposed all over again and that leads us to where we are now finally planning the wedding for family, friends and for my butt in my dress lol Going friday to look at a place for the ceremony.. really excited.. hopfully this time there wont be any unexpected guest but just in case my tubes are tied LOL
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