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  • GG- Jenny and I are hitting the bars in Stonington rather soon. Care to join?
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    [QUOTE]GG- Jenny and I are hitting the bars in Stonington rather soon. Care to join?
    Posted by MeaghanandMichael[/QUOTE]

    Of course!
  • This is the greatest Wedding Bulletin Board Section ever.  I am just saying.   I am sitting here in tears at my desk because I have been laughing so hard!  I am officially addicted to reading everyones comments on here several times a day - they certainly make the day go by faster and YES to answer the question  - Work is hellacious and has been that way for several months.

    I am the only girl out of ALL men - and let me just tell you it does have its pros and cons, but men are ruthless!  It can be funny sometimes, but other times, they are just downright disgusting or disrespectful.  I fear going upstairs because it is all of their offices and I am afraid I will intrude on a belching and/or fart contest!  It has happened before - professional? I think not. When I was little, I seriously didn't know why everyone loved to have a drink when they got home from work, now I truly know the meaning of the word "Happy Hour"

    We only have 8 employees left - everyone else has been laid off so I am fearing for my life, but I am the Office Manager and they need somenoe administrative, so I am hoping to be ok (fingers crossed).....but there isn't much to do.....cept play on The Knot!

    Ahhhhh ladies, at least we can vent about our craptacular work days on here!! Just gotta roll with the punches sometimes.... blaahhhh
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