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Random WR question

Hi :-) This is sort of a dumb question but I'm going for it.

As you may know I have 5 flower girls for my wedding. They are adorable and I'm so excited. They are very excited too and the 6 year old asked me if they could throw flowers instead of just carrying them. She was in another wedding where she carried flowers but she heard that in some weddings FGs get to throw flowers. She thought that would be cool.

I don't really have a preference either way so I might as well have them throw flowers but the only thing I am wondering about is if they throw petals in the aisle won't my dress scoop them up somehow? I'm picturing walking down with petals in front of my and none behind because they're all under my dress like some weird vacuum. It's actually really funny in my head. Just wondering if anyone had petals thrown and if that happened?

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