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Friday Morning


I was up a little earlier then normal this morning. I had to leave extra time to get things done in the morning for our work potluck this afternoon. Also, I normally get an employee discount for commuting passes but I started this job after the July deadline so I will be paying close to 300 out of pocket for it. Transportation here has gone way up. The pass used to be around 225. What's's going on for your Friday? Any fun weekend plans?

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    Wow that sounds like a lot for commuting! I'm very thankful there is a shuttle provided by my work for free. Even when it's late or crowded I know I can't complain because I am not paying for it. 

    I'm headed in early too to get ready for a patient at 9. They're doing 2 studies at the same time, one of which I don't run, so it should be interesting.

    I can't wait for the work day to be over. FH is taking me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and then I plan on doing a glorious amount of nothing all weekend. I really need to relax.
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  • Paying to be able to go to work sucks, doesn't it?  I hate shelling out a ridiculous amount for a parking pass.

    Anyway, good morning!  H has his preop for LASIK this morning.  I can tell he's starting to get nervous about the surgery, so hopefully the doctor will ease some of those nerves today.  He's going to the same surgeon that did mine a few months ago and I loved him, so I think he'll be fine.

    I think we're going to do date night tonight since his friend who sprung it on us he was going to stay with us tonight called and canceled.  I'm looking forward to it =).
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  • Morning!

    lbarr- what is the 300 for, a parking pass or metro pass?

    I'm just sitting here with the dogs. They are passed out on either side of me. Today I have to tutor and clean out my car to get ready to go to the beach! Our grass is also being cut today. Thank god!
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  • Morning. I'm just glad it's Friday and I don't have much else to add. Lbarr, do you guys have a car at all or just public transportation?
  • Yuck DJ- that car ride doesn't sound fun. I'm driving 5 hours to Myrtle and 5 hours back the next week and I feel like it might suck.
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  • Morning.

    The headline today on our local news is that the temp will feel like 115 today.  I know for sure the air conditioner at our house can't keep up with that, it's going to be ridiculous. 

    I'm trying to decide how late I want to work today.  Technically I can leave after a few hours, but I want to save my time to extend my vacation next week.  It's hard to stay focused on Friday afternoons.
  • Morning everyone.
    H and I are having our first "married fight" right now.  I've been working 10h our days all week, then running errands all night after work most nights, and I'm PMSing on top of it, so I'm majorly crabby.  When we got back last night from our second round of shopping, we discovered that my garage door opener no longer works, so he had to use his to open the garage.  I normally park in the garage.  We both left at the same time this morning. I tried to close it and it wouldn't, so I motioned to him to close the garage, and he bent down like he was grabbing the opener in his car, so I just left, assuming he was closing it.  He called me like 100 feet down the road and left me a VM (cuz my phone was on silent) asking me when I was planning on closing the garage.  I didn't get the VM till I was almost to work. I called him back asking him why he didn't close it and he said he didn't notice it till we were down the road (the raod curves aruond so you can see our place driving back up the road).  Obviously we can't keep that open all day, so I asked him if he'd go back and close it.  He tried to tell me it was my responsibility.  But sheesh.
    1) he works closer to home than I do
    2) he doesn't have to be to work at a set time
    3) he's the one that could have turned around REALLY close to home but chose not to. he knew perfectly well that I didn't know about it because I didn't answer my phone.

    He eventually turned around, but now he's all pissy at me.  He knew my opener didn't work, so idk why he'd think I was closing it. 
    Sorry that was long. I just needed to vent.
  • Dj, that was me last weekend. 8 hours of travel on Friday to my grandmother's for her birthday on Saturday and then 8 hours on Sunday on the way back. Plus another 2 for the hour to get to my parents. I was exhausted. My pass is for the commuter train. It's within walking distance from my house which is nice. I could drive to the T subway but that's about 20min away plus gas and parking so it would only be about 30 bucks cheaper. Plus, I'm too nice and let FI take my car to his job since he hates filling the diesel monstrosity he drives.
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    Shay I am excited for your H! Ben can't get LASIK I guess. He is not a good candidate. My six month post op is next month. I want my enhancement. Chels, he knew your opener didn't work? Lol. I'd tell him to get fucked. Today I will be the only one in radio all day and then after work I'm headed back to my home town. Ben will come tomorrow since he has to work in the morning. One of my sisters turned 21 this week so we are going to have a sista night tonight. I bought her cake flavored vodka lol
  • Ooooh AATB, cake flavored vodka is amazing.  Mix it with rootbear or orange soda. You get what tastes ilke a root beer float or a dreamsicle. MMMMMM
  • Chels, FI and I argue about the dumbest shite ever. I usually get more mad because of how stupid it is. Like, why do you wait until I'm done washing dishes to bring me 12 cups? Absolute ragefest ensues. I'm half Italian though, so I'm naturally a yeller.
  • I hope the wedding goes well Duds!

    H's brother gave an AWESOME best man toast.  He started it with that speech Joey tried to prepare for Monica and Chandler's wedding that talks about having, giving, sharing and receiving. It was hilarious!
  • Ben and I have never had a big fight. I mean we have had a few small spats I can maybe count on one hand. Usually when we disagree on something we are just...disagreed, lol. I dunno. So what do you wear to an AHR on a farm you never got officially invited to? I have no idea what to pack for tomorrow.
  • Morning. We have a work meeting soon that I'm so excited for. People are about to get their asses handed to them and I can't wait. So many CWs are being lazy and not doing their jobs, and it's all coming to a head. I provided some of the training for the meeting so I have a little bit of an idea of what's to come.

    No big weekend plans other than cleaning. This morning I woke up to the sound of dishes clanging - H was putting dishes away. Nice gesture, problem was, they were dirty (still in the dishwasher, he though they were clean). He was not happy having to put them all back, so I supressed my giggles.

    Tonight I hopefully get to meet Mehg. I'm excited.
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    Chels, that's ridiculous.  He knew your opener didn't work.  You should have replied, "I'll close that garage door the moment you give me your garage door opener to keep in my car."

    Thanks AATB!  He's so excited.  I didn't think he'd be a candidate because he has an astigmatism, but the surgeon said that the type he has can be corrected just fine.  
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    Anyone else watching GMA? A millionaire went missing last week and instead of trying to find him his wife and mother are fighting over his money. It's weird.
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    [QUOTE]Ben and I have never had a big fight. I mean we have had a few small spats I can maybe count on one hand. Usually when we disagree on something we are just...disagreed, lol. I dunno. So what do you wear to an AHR on a farm you never got officially invited to? I have no idea what to pack for tomorrow.
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    Overalls? ;)
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    [QUOTE]Anyone else watching GMA? A millionaire went missing last week and instead of trying to find him his wife and mother are fighting over his money. It's weird.
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    I hope they find that guy. Not only because I want him to be safe, but because I want him to see what golddiggers his wife and mother are.
  • You guys...we just got new chairs at work.  We NEVER get the new stuff.  This is so  exciting.
  • Lol I think I need something between a sun dress and overalls. I am not thinking his shindig will be fancy. NLRB I just typed bleh and that's what autocorrected
  • My office chair is a bungee chair. It fuckin rocks. Gotta go shower
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    [QUOTE]Morning all! Duds, you will look fabulous in that dress! AATB, your small town ways crack me up.  Hope you're stocked up on dollars for the dance at the wedding you weren't invited to.  Heh. KODA!!!!!!!!!!!  WHERE ARE YOU?  <strong>What is wrong with your state?!  Seriously, they've made foie gras ILLEGAL?  </strong>JFC.  That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  What's next? And I'm hopefully meeting up with Les tomorrow for lunch.  KC BBQ - yum!
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    Wait..what?! Oh man sad day! Why would they do that?
  • Jcb, you are very enthusiastic this morning.

    I have a million things to do today before we leave tomorrow.  Wish I had thought to clean out my car earlier this week when it was not 93 degrees out.  That should be thrilling.

    "Smash's balls are the biggest balls of them all." -AATB

  • Morning!!!

    Have fun at the wedding Duds, i'm irrationally sad that I don't have any weddings to go to/be in until October.

    DJ, where are you going? (apology if you already said it a gajillion times. Smile)

    I'm leaving work at noon to go see Ted, Edie. My H is so flipping excited. We have been watching the trailers since like January. I've heard good things, obviously I'm not expecting anything super thought provoking. I'm pumped for a nice afternoon off though.
  • Also I can't believe how many times I have said the word ERMAHGERD lately. It's gross.
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    [QUOTE]Jenna, Saturday I'm going to Indiana..... for like 4 hours.  Sunday night we leave for northern Michigan.  My family always vacationed there when I was young and my grandma owned a home there. Now, my aunt owns a place so we're staying near her. We can visit her some and I can show H the area - Sleeping Bear Dunes, Lake Michigan, etc.
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    Is Northern Michigan the same thing as the UP?

    I hope you get to relax!
  • I got my new lab coats today at work. Our chairs, from the looks of them, are most likely from the 70s or 80s. In my old lab I had a sweet desk chair but crappy disposable lab coats. Win some, lose some.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Friday Morning : ANIMAL LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, seriously.  I love animals.  LOVE.  I am also a realist.  Some animals are born and raised to be eaten.  My favorite quote from the story:  I never thought I'd be able to smoke pot in San Francisco publicly and have to hide my foie gras habit.
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    Animal lovers? lol that seems rather odd to me. You'd think they'd want to ban ALL eating of meat, not just the liver?  The animal can still die, there's no point in banning people from eating its liver.
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    Chels - it's not because they are eating the liver.

    Foie Gras is an extremely fatty liver that is created by forcefeeding geese corn, generally through a tube shoved down their throat.  
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    I see nothing wrong with banning fois gras. The way it is made is far more inhumane than just slaughtering a cow or pig. Its like shark fin to me. Inhumane. I also won't eat veal for similar reasons. I just woke up. Why?? Cause I gotta 4 day weekend. Cause Canada is awesome!
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