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What LV forum do you frequent these days? I hate giving OpenVegas the hits because of the fuckwit running it (my last straw was when he got up in everybody's sh!t for having a tribute thread when IRISHMICK died -- "He hasn't even posted here for at least six months, who cares if he's dead?" Yeah, you're right. How dare he be in a coma for the last six months and not post here!)

Brian's forum appears to be defunct, and I'm not paying full price to re-join LVA for two months and I'm also not willing to wade through all the crap on the Free-For-All boards just to find some good information. Blonde4Ever's forum appears to be kind of active; just wondering if there are any others I'm not aware of.

H and I are going to LV next weekend; we haven't been there in over a year (a record for us).
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