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    Good morning everyone-

    Well, it's still morning here. I am 4 hours behind most of you, from what I can tell.
    Workn-your haircut is really pretty, I like the layers. It makes me feel like getting a new hairstyle. good luck when you have to talk to your boss later. But, people quit jobs and move on all the time. If he's an ass about it, it probably means he either really doesn't want to lose you and is being immature about it, or he is just an ass...and doesn't have enough balls to just wish you well.

    Shay-I really try to keep track of our spending like you do, but I let a lot of little things go...and don't register them in the checkook. But, when I get paid once a month I go through and deduct all of our bills and see how much we have leftover. I set up automatic payments for everything and they all come out at once, since i have a monthly pay check. A spreadsheet is my next goal though. I think it's really wise to track your spending as close as possible.

    I'm, done with work for the summer. Yay! Slept in...hanging out with Lenny. I have to finish making a pair of earrings and necklace for my friend to wear to a wedding. She will be here soon. Shiit.
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    NebbNebb member
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Come out, Come out, wherever you are!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Going off BC screwed me over too. :( My boobs got smaller, my tummy got bigger, my acne went crazy, and my hair got oily.  Dammit. If you're like me, the effects even out after a couple months.  But yeah, you have to adjust your lifestyle to improve appearances, and it sucks ass.
    Posted by MandK9[/QUOTE]
    a couple of months is what ive heard, and im only @ the 2 month mark now but it feels like forever dealing with this. i make a note of breakouts on ff and it seems like its atleast once every second or third day, if not everyday. 
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    Wrkn925Wrkn925 member
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    Congrats to all the ladies working on weight loss goals!  Good Job!
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    NebbNebb member
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    I had full bloodwork done in January and thyroid was fine. Im not really sure if going off the pill can change that?

    I know for sure Im not pregnant, just had my period approx 3 weeks ago :)
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