August 2012 Weddings

WR Accomplishments

Any have any new accomplishments over the Easter weekend?

We had the tent/other rentals vendor come out and see our location and had a big discussion, so helpful considering I've been planning from 7 hours away.

Any projects for this week?

I'm hoping to get my act together and focus on some other rentals.

Re: WR Accomplishments

  • I ordered my dress! Even though I was told I look like a Spanish bride in it with my veil on... needless to say that didn't make my mother very happy because she was saying i didn't look like myself and was trying to be some one else. But whatever, I love it!
  • we got the rest of our glass bowl things for our candy buffet! :) My mom had a ton from my brothers grad party so brought up the idea to my FI and I about skipping doing candles as favors (since not everyone will take those home), to doing just a candy buffet as our favor! I am really excited about the idea!
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