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Scheduling with First Look Photos

So I'm realizing that if FI and I get ready in time for first look photos, then the rest of the WP is just left to chill for that time.  Do I just let them get ready later and have them not be dressed for those photos? Or what can I do for them, while they're all dolled up, to not leave them sitting around, bored?
(edit: meaning that they wouldn't be dressed for my getting ready photos, not that we would be doing all of the photos at that time)

Re: Scheduling with First Look Photos

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    I would say to either include them in the photos beforehand or just have them get ready later. I haven't decided which of these I am doing either, but I wouldn't want them to have to sit around waiting for a few hours in their dresses.
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    yikes...i feel pretty stupid.  What are first look pictures?  do the bride and groom take pictures together before the wedding?  FI and I are planning on him being surprised when I walk down the aisle 
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    Haha, don't feel that way odu!  FI and I decided we wanted to see each other in a private moment before the ceremony.  It's allowing us to take some photos in a location that otherwise would not have been doable in the small timeframe between the ceremony and reception, and have some additional private time to ourselves.
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    aww thats sweet.  I wanted it to be just me and him in the limo on the way to the reception, but he wanted the wedding party there too, which will be fun.  We're not 100% traditional but my FI is totally against seeing me before hand LOL.
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    We really have gone back and forth on it, but then FI came up with a cute idea for it, so that won us both over.

    The question is, if I get the 'getting ready pictures' with my girls, than they're going to be dressed and ready to go, with nowhere to go for at least an hour.  I'm thinking maybe I could get them cute robes to wear while helping me, and then they can get dressed when I'm off doing the photos.
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    We're doing 5-10 minutes of "private" first look while the WP mingles, then they're joining us to get a bunch of the formal shots done before the ceremony. Most of them know each other pretty well, we're minimizing their "down time" as best as possible, and they have somewhere to sit for that downtime. You could do something similar?
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    I agree with PP...I think there is enough stuff to do that the WP can fill the time...double check decorations, set out bubbles, mingle. Maybe have some snacks or something for them? 
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    We're doing first look also (really excited about it!)...our photographer is doing the guys' pics first so they have to show up dressed to the ceremony site...but the girls will probably get dresse at the sited while we do our first look photos. Then, we'll take pictures with them.  I figure that during our photos, they can get dressed, help decorate the chapel, or just relax in the room with snack and visit with each other and family.

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    An hour for a first look that seems like quite a lot of time.  We are doing our first look where we are getting ready I don't foresee it taking more than 5-10 minutes then we will head off with the bridal party to take fun photos in Seattle.

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