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August 2012 Weddings

mean mommy

Uh- my mom is being SO mean it seems like the wedding is bringing out the worst in her. I am really close to my mom,not necessarily by choice. She calls me like 3-4 times a day and just shows up at my apt. I tried to tell her she cant just SHOW up all the time and i have started ignoring her calls and calling her ONCE at the end of the day.

She lives 15 min away and she calls me more now than when i lived 2 hrs away. It's overbearing and excessive.

Anyway- she lost power because of the snow yesterday and she came over to go to the gym in my buidling. We were working out and watching say yes to the dress.

A girl came out in a tara keely dress i freaking LOVE its gorgeous. and is said "i love that dress and my mom said "thats the ugliest dress ive EVER seen". Then she told me anyone that wears strapless that is bigger than a small B cup, looks like a slut.

then they featured a girl having a catholic wedding and wanting to look conservative and my mom said "DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT".
I am getting married IN a church. but because its NOT my own church i grew up in my mom keeps calling it "the wedding ceremony location" she refuses to call it a church.

I KNEW from growing up with my mom that she is really good hearted and kind, but she is VERY critical. It doesnt help that we don't share the same design or style aestetic AT ALL. She thinks a nice plan no beading, no lace, shealth is the way to go, with a cap sleeve. that isnt my style at all.

I am DREADINg going dress shopping so much that i havent so much as gone once, and its starting to get to the Time I have to go. I know i am going to leave in tears.
I try to ignore my mom. But you know, its your mom, so you want to listen to her opinion and for her to be happy too.

I told her if she cant be less critical then i dont want her to come dress shopping. She told me if i was thinner i wouldnt have to worry about her criticism.

i'm dreading going dress shopping :(
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