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T + P's Again...uh

So I think this is a bad vibe board, it feels like we always need thoughts and prayers.

About a month ago I siad that Fiances Cousin passed away- but in an amazing event- people came to donate to her charty (Charity:Water) and it raised over 1 million dollars in her honor!! What an amazing feat.

But on the verge of this bittersweet news- fiance got a call yesterda,y another cousin passed away. The same side of the family. It's really heartbreaking because he was 22 yrs old, and the reasons are unknown.

Fiance and him weren;t super close but emailed once in a while and saw each other a few times a year--

what most upsetting is that now that grandmother has lost two grandchildren in the past  2 months. so its taking a toll on her.

Anyway please keep my fi and his family in your prayers.
i wasnt really upset (i never met his cousin) but then i just went o look for an address on my wedding guest list, and saw his name. I can't bring myself to "Delete" it fromt hte list- how sad!
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